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All The Fun Of The Fair

© Irvin Leisure Entertainments Ltd.THE FUN OF THE CORPORATE FAIR
Funfairs have been a major part of the Leisure Industry for hundreds of years; in fact fairs could well be the second oldest profession because we expect that some enterprising showman set up a stand alongside those practicing the oldest profession in dim and distant times. No cave paintings exist of stalls and sideshows, but certainly wandering performers plied their trade in Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Nowadays of course the industry is much more sophisticated and caters for a wide range of people, but the essence is still the same. Fun and games, public entertainment and value for money. It is hard to think of a major celebration or event in Britain that has not been enhanced by the inclusion of a high quality funfair. However you can also find fairground attractions adding spice and pleasure to many corporate functions up and down the country, with high standards of health and safety where these are run by organisations who are members of the Industry Regulating Body, the Showman's Guild of Great Britain, established in 1885.

Perhaps those reading this have a picture in their mind of a fairground, and perhaps it is negative based on bad experiences they may have suffered in the past, and no one would deny that there are indeed some bad fairgrounds. However I am sure they would not cloud their ideas of premiership football based on their having watched a kick about on Hackney Marshes! The difference between the quality end of the fairground industry and a shoddy non Guild fair is just the same.

Look what a fairground can provide. First of all, there are a wide range of options available to the potential customer. There are the large rides; Dodgems of course, Carousels plus some great new white knuckle options. Then there are children's attractions for family days, with a wide variety of kiddie attractions and roundabouts that give hours of fun. Finally, there are games stalls for indoors and outdoors so you can entertain clients with coconut shies, shooting galleries and tests of strength. You would be amazed at the versatility of Showmen to adapt their equipment to their clients' needs and their can do attitude which will be put to solving practical difficulties you may face. Any event can be enhanced by adding this equipment.

Don't forget that as part of the package of hiring fairground rides you get lighting effects and music as well as active entertainment. They give people something to actually do, not just to look at, and everyone likes to be a big kid with their mates at a corporate fair. You can get an authentic Victorian or period fair, a modern event, a family package, or just a couple of stalls for fun. You will be amazed at the value for money that is delivered.

However when selecting a supplier, take into account that the needs of corporate clients are different from those of the paying public at the park fair. For instance the most obvious is alcohol. In a park fair people who have taken an excessive amount of drink will be politely discouraged from using the rides, indeed from being at the event at all. For a corporate event this would be a disaster, so staff and indeed the rides themselves have to be capable of entertaining people who have had a few beers. Staff are discreet and attentive and rides are slowed down. Therefore, take care to get a quality and experienced supplier who has demonstrated their abilities in this field; don't just pick what looks a nice ride from the internet and assume all will be well.

Fairground safety is superb, and all reputable companies carry 10,000,000 public liability insurance plus will provide a full risk assessment for your event. Why don't you ask if you can go and see your potential supplier in action? Then you will know what you are getting. A good fair is a great asset for your function, and if you want more details you can visit our website on

This article was kindly contributed by George Irvin - Events Coordinator of Irvin Leisure Entertainments Ltd who provide Funfairs.
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