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Asian Bridal Beauty

Asian weddings are brightly coloured, vibrant and traditional affairs. Unfortunately, the emphasis on tradition has left many Asian brides-to-be feeling that bridal beauty services are focused on the Ďporcelain dollí look of the past. This is not the case as the industry of Asian bridal beauty is flourishing and rich in its variety.

Your wedding day is the day to look at your most alluring and a day to let yourself take centre stage. What do you want your groom be looking at when he utters the words ĎI doí? If you are planning to enjoy a professional hand in the matters of your appearance on the big day, then let us share some of the secrets of a successful Asian stylist.

Firstly, you should be aware of the variety of treatments that are available and decide what you most want help with. Choose areas to draw attention to and others to leave subtle. Many Asian bridal beauticians will offer packages - for example a hair and make-up treatment while you may want to employ a specialist for application of mehndi, the intricate henna designs that traditionally adorn the bride during her wedding ceremony.

It is highly recommended that anyone anticipating mehndi should consider the mehndi artistís portfolio, which should be composed of high quality photographs, and ideally to get a trial run design before the wedding - leaving 20 days for this to fade before the ceremony - to guarantee the skill of the artist. Reputable companies will offer this service in an informal meeting before you make the decision to hire. At this point you will also have the exciting opportunity to pick out the patterns that the mehndi artist will be using. For each hand design you should expect to spend one to two hours on application, more for a complex design, and then a further four hours for the paste to stain the skin. Obviously this will not be something you want to endure on the day!

When it comes to make-up it is absolutely essential to opt for a trial run if you are going for a look that you havenít tried before. Ask your stylist to apply the key colours to your eyes, lips and cheeks while you are wearing your wedding dress, so you donít have to make any stressful decisions on the morning of the wedding. Similarly, if you are going to be wearing your hair in one of the many beautiful and ornate styles that are traditional for such an important day, you should work with your stylist - ask questions, get her/him to try out your ideas and use their knowledge of what will suit your face shape and the style you are going for.

Hair extensions are also very popular and have been used to great effect at creating the flowing locks that suggest extravagance. One of the advantages of hiring specialists in Asian hair is that they will have a great deal of experience in your hair type as well as having an idea of the kind of money you want to spend.

Bridal henna can be infinitely intricate and, while prices per hand start at £10, full bridal mehndi can cost up to £350. Similarly, expect to pay more for your wedding hairdo than you would for your usual haircut; in the region of £35 and upwards, with add on fees for any hair extensions.

Make-up prices are around £50 for half an hour (you will need about an hour) although generally prices are made available on application as they depend very much on what Ďextrasí, such as eyebrow tinting, you would like. A bespoke make-up Ďanalysisí is a valuable investment as you will be taught some of the skills of cosmetic application for yourself and tailored for your personal appearance. Many of the Asian bridal stylists listed here will also work on a call-out basis for a fee dependent on your region.

A good idea for a more formal look is to have all your bridesmaids wearing identical or matching hairstyles; something your stylist will be happy to help with.

Remember, the photographs of this day will be treasured by all your loved ones. If you havenít yet thought about getting a little expert help with you appearance then itís not too late. Because of the personal nature of the service, most beauticians will do their best to squeeze your appointment into a schedule, particularly if they are doing home visits.

For the discerning bride, it is worth mentioning that qualifications mean very little in the world of beauty therapy. Instead, try and go for a beautician with plenty of experience and bear in mind that if you do go for a full blown theatrical look, it should tie in with the rest of the ceremony and hopefully not look retrospectively dated in photos.

Above all else, we recommend that you base your selection on testimonials of previous clients and on photographs of the stylistís work, preferably before and after shots of real brides, not models.

This article was written by Kate Hodesdon of the Partyoffers events directory

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