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Background Music For Corporate Events

How music creates atmosphere and affects moods

Everyone knows that music and 'atmosphere' go together like cheese and wine. When throwing a dinner party for a group of friends, who doesn’t spend at least a few minutes thinking through the CD selections for the evening? Or programming the ipod with a few choice numbers? And everyone has sat in a pub and cried out 'I love this tune!' when that special track comes on? - ...It's a no-brainer!.. Music is
always a short-cut to that elusive 'great atmosphere' at an event of any kind.

So why is it then that, when planning corporate or private events, the provision of live background music is so frequently an after-thought? Or not considered necessary at all?

Event planners expend huge amounts of time and energy selecting the perfect venue, the most mouth watering menu and thoughtful, quirky gifts for their guests to remind them of the wonderful evening they had together. However, so often, an easy and sure-fire way of helping to create a memorable occasion is by selecting just the right live musical act which creates a warm and convivial atmosphere, a talking point for nervous guests and visual that complements your carefully chosen surroundings.

Contacting an entertainment agency that specialises in music for corporate and private events will give you endless choices of approved and vetted acts. The very latest in creative background music, from entertainers who are often only a heart-beat away from becoming household names.

A reputable agency charges competitive rates and offers a service above and beyond simply booking an act on your behalf. Support throughout the planning stages and advice on using your venue to its best advantage come with your early enquiries. Followed by interesting quotes packed with ideas and examples, sound-files sent to your computer or CDs posted to your home and then rigorous pre-event checking of all details and finally on-site management at the event, if required.

In choosing suitable background music you are ensuring that your guests attend a well-rounded, atmospheric and well thought out event, giving them great memories of a wonderful evening and a positive experience to talk about with their friends and colleagues for days, even weeks afterwards.

Music is a powerful thing - don’t underestimate its impact at your event.


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