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Barmitzvah Celebrations

A Barmitzvah for a boy or Batmitzvah for a girl is an important milestone in any Jewish child’s life. It represents the transition into adulthood. A Barmitzvah as it is known for boys is celebrated when the boy reaches the age of 13; whereas a Batmitzvah as it is known for girls is usually celebrated when they reach 12.

When he or she reaches this age both the responsibilities and privileges of the adult Jewish community are accepted. Barmitzvah’s and Batmitzvah’s are held within a Synagogue and the Barmitzvah boy or Batmitzvah girl are called to read from the Torah for the first time. This is the serious part of the weekend, the celebration will follow.

In recent generation Barmitzvah celebrations are becoming more developed and sophisticated; with many families choosing to have a ‘full-blown’ catered affair complete with music and live entertainment. These celebrations can range from a minimal close family celebration at home to a full lavish affair with all the trimmings at a hotel to the event taking place in Israel on the beaches of the Red Sea.

Food is an important part of the Barmitzvah with most functions opting for a Kosher Caterer to keep within the Jewish dietary laws. Kashrut refers to the Jewish dietary laws. Food in accord to the Jewish dietary laws is termed Kosher, from the Hebrew term kasher meaning ‘fit’. Jews that keep to these laws may not consume non-kosher food. Many of the basic laws of Kashrut are derived from the Torah.

Many different types of entertainment are organised for Barmitzvah’s including DJ’s, music and lighting as well as dancers to perform during the night. Many families choose to make their event as unique as possible by adding in additional entertainment that may not be included in most Barmitzvah’s, these can include Caricaturists, Magicians, Human Statues, Fire-eating performers, Look-a-Likes, Football Tricksters to name a few. Bands and live music can be incorporated to entertain guests during the reception and during the meal.

At this stage in of the function the Barmitzvah boy will be the king for the night and may walk into particular Israeli music. The Barmitzvah can also be themed to the client’s preferences; the theming can be as vague or extravagate as the client wishes, ranging from backdrops, lighting, look-a-likes and props. Theming can help transform a hotel room. A whole industry had been created for Barmitzvah’s and there popularity is growing year upon year.

From party organising to catering to dinner suits for 13 year olds, each part of the Barmitzvah needs to be organised to ensure that the client has the perfect function and the celebrations are well remembered.

This article was kindly contributed by Bert Habib of Uptown Barmitzvahs -