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Booking A Celebrity Or After Dinner Speaker For An Event

Why use an after dinner speaker or celebrity for your event?

Are you organising a conference and want to attract as many people as possible? 
Organising an annual dinner and want to make it the most memorable yet? 
Launching a new product and want to attract all the right media? 

These are just a few of the reasons why people book celebrities and after dinner speakers for their event. However the main reason why people book a personality or speaker is to attract more business.

If you want impress your client or attract the right media coverage to promote your product or event, a celebrity speaker is a very popular tool used my many companies to achieve this.

So if you are looking to entertain your best clients, or holding a conference and want to get the best people in your industry under one roof, booking a good speaker could just achieve this goal

What to think about?

It is however, you think very importantly about the sort of speaker you want. Some of the most important factors you will need to take on board before deciding could include :

Audience - What is the age range of the audience you have? Is it a young audience, mixed audience, male or female? Booking a speaker a young audience might not relate to could make the event less successful

Message - what message do you want to get across? Do you want a motivational team building speaker, or humorous after dinner speaker?

Type of speaker - bearing the audience in mind, what sort of speaker would you like? Sport, Politics, Showbiz or someone from television.

But lastly and perhaps most importantly - think about cost!

How much do they cost?

There is no black or white answer to this question. Speakers fees can vary considerably from £800 up to £30,000 + VAT depending on the person you are interested in. Some speakers have set fees and some will vary depending on what they are required to do.

For example, they may charge more if the event is abroad, or if it is a whole day event rather than an evening event and they may charge less if the event is local to them.

This article was kindly contributed by Andy Harvey of The Edge - UK Entertainment Consultants