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© Diamond RendezvousBurlesque is back! With the resurgence of burlesque in the UK a few years ago, starting on a sizable scale within the clubs of London, it hit the UK's shores, following the spread of its popularity throughout the US & Canada. The origins of the term 'burlesque' began in Tudor Britain, given to amateur plays by aspiring professionals. Throughout eras, the term changed and burlesque was incorporated into dancing halls. Striptease became embroidered into burlesque performance in the early 20th century and burlesque, as it was then known, carried on until the 60s when the modern, more overt, strip clubs became popular. Now the resurgence has seen burlesque making a comeback not in strip clubs but in theatres, club nights, arts festivals and cabarets across the UK and the performance should be just that - not simply a dance but a skilled performance with no necessity for the baring of flesh, although be prepared to see some and beware satire & tassel twirling may just be on the cards. The word is nowadays, that whether the event be a club night, party or launch - it's not worth a look without a fan dancing, shimmying or tap dancing burlesque performer or revue.

A few tips:

1. Burlesque performers - as any performer should - carve themselves a name and well-known performers can command huge fees but this does not mean other burlesque are not any good.

2. Booking from a well established burlesque club or performer with a credible biography is tantamount to getting a quality performer - ask for the performer's credentials, performance pictures and/or live footage.

3. Expect to pay a deposit when booking and make sure that there are suitable conditions for the performer - e.g. safe staging, dressing area etc.

This article was kindly contributed by Louise Smith of Diamond Rendezvous - Tel : 0121 4720849 for burlesque.
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