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Catering Equipment Hire For Events

For an event to be a success, food will always be a vital ingredient for any event large or small. And where you find food, you’ll obviously find a kitchen of some sort with areas to prepare, cook and serve or present the food, within this kitchen area it is vitally important to have the right catering equipment, no matter what type or size of event.

Some caterers may provide their own commercial catering equipment for the event but this can cause its own logistical problems, related costs and extra aggravation to the caterer. They will also have to research the event site thoroughly to ensure they have the right services on hand, the last thing they’ll want is a last minute panic trying to arrange gas, water and electrical services together with the associated extra cost.

These days however the market has moved on and caterers and event organisers can now turn to a catering equipment hire company to help provide the best solution. Organising catering equipment hire is simple and very cost effective, it also helps the hirer keep complete control of their budget, take away any stress or hassle and help prevent the un-expected!

The catering equipment hire company will provide a full breakdown of the exact cost per item hired, transport costs and installation/ dismantle costs. Most companies will also have their own team of qualified gas and plumbing engineers who help install the equipment, this again can help to take away any hassle and avoid any unexpected costs for the hirer. The hire company will be well practised in installing and handling there own equipment which helps to avoid any major problems on site and help keep the overall event setup operation to run smoothly and on time.

Experienced catering equipment hire companies will have gained valuable experience over the years in installing equipment into all manner of events large or small, inside or outside and within permanent structures or temporary structures like a marquee.

A medium sized catering equipment hire company will hold a fairly large range of equipment from a water boiler to a state of the art Combination Oven and will hold a choice of natural gas, LPG gas and electrical equipment – helping to provide a solution for any occasion and with equipment available for hire from 1 day to several years which helps to give the hirer total control and financial flexibility in spreading their cost.

Catering firms that supply their own equipment to an event will also have the added worry of equipment failure and resulting additional costs to repair, it could also potentially ruin an event in failure to keep food production going. However a catering equipment hire company can supply a service engineer to site for the duration of an event as back up, they might also keep spare equipment on site for an immediate replacement if an item can’t be fixed, this helps to provide an immediate solution to any problem, provide peace of mind to the hirer and keep food production flowing! 

The catering equipment hire company will also constantly test and hygienically clean every item of equipment after each hire, then wrap and present equipment to a nearly new state ready for its next hire. Taking all this into account, it does make complete sense to hire catering equipment which in turn should give the hirer more time to concentrate on preparing for the event itself and perhaps even time to relax and enjoy the big day!

This article was kindly supplied by Tom Hartley of Elliot Kitchens