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A Better Children's Party

I have been working as a children's entertainer in and around Essex for nearly 20 years and would be pleased to pass on what I think are some essential facts that could make a children's party less stressful, more successful and a more memorable an event.

Choose your date wisely; make sure it does not clash with other friends' parties, big sporting events or nationwide occasions as this could stop friends and family members attending. Hang some balloons outside your venue so that guests and your entertainer know where the party is as they may not be familiar with the area.

Keep the party food simple as children don't eat much when they are excited, otherwise you could be eating jam sandwiches for the next three days. Name badges and contact details are very helpful in case of emergencies and they help your entertainer to call them by their first names. Try not to make your party too long, two hours is more than enough time to have fun and tire the children out!

Always have adult assistance on hand. As well as making the children feel secure it is also necessary for child protection to safeguard all concerned. Try not to interrupt your entertainer if he is performing a magic show or games, such as by giving out drinks or food as your entertainer has worked hard to get their attention and any distractions will lose their focus.

Hire a professional entertainer, as the one thing that the children at your party will remember is if the magician or party DJ was good or bad. A professional will also give you lots of help and advice which could in the long term should save you money. Get recommendations for entertainers from other parents, schools or playgroups and check them out on the web to make sure that they have insurance for public liability and are police checked. Have all details in writing so that no confusion over times and dates can be made, this will also act as a guarantee should there be any disagreements.

A joint party can save you lot of money. Get together with your child's friend or friends of a similar age and save on the cost of hall hire, food and entertainment. On a lighter note please try not to give out squeakers or blowers as this could potentially wreck the atmosphere of your party as a hall full of children all blowing at full volume could cause adults to have a complete nervous breakdown!  

Put them in a party bag so they can serenade their parents in the car on the way home!

This article was kindly supplied by Brian Baffles of Professor Rainbows Entertainment Services