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Children’s Party Planners

Children’s Party Planners

Children’s party planning may sound like an indulgent treat for only the rich and famous but, in fact, having a smooth and hassle-free party is essential to the enjoyment of everyone involved.

The tricky thing about children’s parties is that they often include so many people. Not only your child and his or her friends, but also siblings, parents and of course the obligatory crowd of grandparents, Godparents, cousins, the list goes on!

So how on earth can you organise and please such a large mixed bunch?

Let me tell you a few secrets:

1. The Entertainer, The Entertainer, The Entertainer, I will say it again, The Entertainer! If your Entertainer is good, most of the battle is won. The kids are totally happy to join in the various exciting activities and goings-on, allowing the parents and other adults to relax. The quality of the entertainer is absolutely without question the most important part of your event and if you can only afford to spend on one thing, let it be the entertainer. And, I beg you, please do choose an entertainer who has public liability insurance, is recently police-checked and, even better, comes from a reputable agency (so can be replaced in the rare case of illness on the day).

2. Don’t be unrealistic about numbers of guests. If your child is under 6, expect at least one parent per child. And also, make it your business to ask the RSVP’s whether they will be bringing along siblings.

3. It sounds simple but don’t forget candles, matches, napkins for the cake, blue-tack for the party banners and, of course, baby wipes!

4. Parents never ever ever buy enough tablecloths. Do not - under any circumstances - turn up to your child’s party with less than 9, 12 is better. The tablecloths only usually cover a table of 4. You will also need cloths for the cake table, the party bag table, the presents table and the table with the adult beverages, which brings us onto point number 5...

5. Supply soft cold drinks and some light snacks for the adult guests- two hours is a long time to go without anything at all.

6. Alternatively, ignore all of the above points and hire in a professional! Just like you might pay someone to paint your house or mow your lawn, a professional children’s party planner does exactly what it says on the tin! They have done this party stuff lots and lots of times before and they know exactly what to recommend for your event. Be clear about your budget and also realistic - they will then be sure to let you know what they can do. Trust your instincts with this - does the person on the phone understand your needs? Have they responded promptly? Do they sound confident? Do they have their own public liability and police check as well as their entertainers? Can they offer you an exciting range of entertainment and themed options that suit your needs? If the answer to all these questions is yes - sit back, relax and enjoy one of the most special memories in your child’s life - and don’t forget to take photos!!!!!

This article was kindly contributed by Rachel Lousky of, children's party planners.