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Children’s Themed Parties

Children's' themed parties are growing more popular every year but the idea of planning one can be a very daunting task. Here are some tips on helping you plan a successful children's themed party.

Where do you start?
Firstly keep the party simple. Avoid thinking that because it’s a themed children’s party that it needs to be elaborate, clever or complicated in some way. Too often parents try to cram loads of creative themed ideas, stories and party activities and forget that children would have much more fun with a themed party that was more straight forward. A simple children's themed party is a better party!

Choose a theme
Ask your child if they want any theme in particular. Maybe give them a few choices but keep the options of themes down to three or four o it's easy for your child to decide what theme they want.

Theme ideas
Popular children's themed parties for boys: pirates, super heroes, racing cars, dinosaurs and fireman themes.

Popular children's themed parties for girls: princesses, fairies, cheerleaders, tea party, beach party, popstars and under the sea themes.

Popular children's themed parties for boys and girls: pirates and princesses, jungle, circus, space, wild west and knights and damsels, chocolate factory.

Do I get an entertainer or do it myself?
You can do a children's themed party yourself, but a children’s entertainer does take the stress off your hands and you benefit greatly from their expertise in themed ideas. Chances are that your kids will also have more fun with an entertainer.

If you do get a children’s entertainer then choose one that specialises in children's themed parties and has a good choice of themes on offer.
Content of the party
As far as kids are concerned, it’s the activities in the party that are more important, rather than the theme itself. Parents, and some bad entertainers, often make the mistake of planning an elaborate story into their themed parties and it’s just too complicated for young children to follow. It might be really fun and creative to those planning it, but to kids, they just want to have fun. The theme is fun but don’t let that override all the fun stuff like the games, dancing, balloons, puppet show and magic that they really love.

Next sort out the venue
Children's themed parties work well in both a hall or at home. If it's a hall though, book 6 weeks in advance as they can get booked up quickly.

Send your invites
It can be fun to send themed invitations. Send them out at least 4 weeks before the party to avoid someone else having their child's party on the same day as you. It happens a lot! You might want to encourage the children to dress up according to the theme too.

Food and drink
Every kid’s party needs tea time so why not theme this too! Go online to party stores to get themed party plates, cups, napkins, etc.... Even the birthday cake!

Party bags
It can be fun to theme these too but do be prepared that themed merchandise can be more expensive than more generalised party items.

Wait for the RSVPs to arrive and relax!

This article was kindly supplied by Michael Rossini of Froggle Parties

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