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Choosing A Magician

So youíve come to this web site because you are looking for entertainment for your event. You want it to be special and memorable so that your guests or delegates will think about it with joy long after the evening is over.

Youíve sorted out venue and food, music and style - now you want that extra something and youíve decided on a magician - but who?

There are many magicians and, if youíve done your homework, you know that the one you choose should represent The Magic Circle at the very least. But what makes a good magician - and, if you are a guest yourself, how can you tell if the magician entertaing you is right for your event or even good enough?

The most important factor in inviting anyone to your event or party is that they are likeable. You can provide the goods, the food and entertainment but they need to compliment this with wanting to enjoy themselves - and this likeability extends to the magician too.

The magician you choose should entertain everyone at each table. There is nothing worse than looking across and seeing that person working to two or four people whilst the rest of the table are being so neglected that they prefer their own conversation and are chatting to each other - thatís not doing the job!

Eye contact on the first approach is the way to ensure that each and every person knows that the magician is there to entertain them. Keeping that interest is the difficult bit - and thatís where the experienced magician is worth the money she or he is being paid.

The magic is important too - but you know instinctively if the tricks are good by the reactions you can see and hear around the room. You can then be sure that the magician is out there giving everyone a good time.

If your guests are interested enough to engage the magician in conversation after the performance, wanting to know more about the background of the person, and their opinions too, then you can be sure that the magician has done the job properly and is well worth the fee!

This article was kindly contributed by Mandy Davis - Diva Of Deception, Close-Up Magician and Entertainer, Member of The Magic Circle.
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