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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is a difficult and important decision. No other event in your entire life will create such a heady mixture of love, joy, reverence, laughter and tears. You can always buy a new outfit or piece of jewellery after the wedding, but you will never be able to buy your wedding photographs again – so choose a photographer carefully.

Visit the photographer; see a range of their work. Insist on seeing an album from a full wedding, not just samples from different weddings. This will give you an appreciation of how your photographs will appear, and most importantly, look out for obvious errors:

Are there any images missing of the ceremony? Are there images where people standing in front of the camera? Ask them how they work at weddings and how much time they will take in covering important photographs. Think about how much information they take from you – this will give a good idea about their professionalism.

Wedding photographers should work swiftly, professionally and without disturbing the festivities, whilst ensuring to capture the whirlwind of bustling activity in a gracious and friendly manner.

Assessing quality

More photographs does not necessarily mean better value for money. It is pointless being left with 200-250 photographs – if they are all badly composed, repeats of the same or worse still of people you don’t know.

By visiting 3-4 photographers you will gain an idea about the quality of work available and the style of photography suitable for you. One key piece of information to bear in mind is to compare photographers on the quality of the work and not how many photographs you maybe shown.

How to assess the quality?

Ask the photographer where they get their photographs printed. If it is at a high street laboratory rather than a specialist professional laboratory, that will say a lot to you.

Ask them what qualifications or professional organisations they belong to.

Ensure they have appropriate insurance if things go wrong.

Are they bringing any assistants with them – this shows how seriously they take their job.

This is the most memorable occasion in your life and after the festivities are over, the only thing left to remember the day by are the photographs. Yet many people book their photographer without giving serious thought to how important the photographer’s job is and the repercussions of it all if things go horribly wrong. With this in mind remember that first impressions count. Your photographer will be taking the most personal and romantic photographs of you and your partner – you need to make sure that they make you feel good on first impressions.

On meeting your photographer ensure that you have seen their work and that you and your partner are comfortable around them and their team.

Assess how they listen to you and respond to your requests and ideas.

Ask them how they manage under pressure, if plans change during the course of a wedding.

If you can, get a second opinion on their work.

Clothing hints and tips to get the best out of your images

If you are pale, avoid pastel colours that can make you look washed out.

Plainer, darker colours are slimming and avoid heavy patterned clothing on areas that you would prefer not to draw attention to.

Go and get a colour consultation – it is well worth it and will really give you an idea on what colours are no-no’s for you.

Designs that show off the waist and then flow out are great for photographs. Avoid wearing very pastel make-up, if you think it’s light the camera will hardly see it at all from a distance. If you are unsure take a quick snapshot of yourself from at least 10ft away.

This article was kindly contributed by Jade Patel from Maz Of Leicester, specialist Wedding Photographers
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