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Choosing A Wedding Venue

wedding venues
Before you start searching for a wedding venue it is advisable to take the following points into consideration.

Initial Decisions
• What type of venue do you prefer? e.g. hotel, banqueting hall, marquee.
• The number of people you are expecting to invite.
• The budget allocated for venue hire.
• When you would like to hold your wedding. Have a few dates in mind in case the first option is not available.

Venue Availability
• Is the venue available on your proposed wedding date and time?
• Are there any other functions taking place before or after your wedding?
• Can the venue comfortably accommodate the number of guests you are expecting?

Venue Facilities
• Does the venue have disabled access?
• Does the venue have air conditioning?
• Are there any changing room facilities/storage rooms available?
• What are the car/coach parking arrangements?
• Do they have adequate coat hanging and toilet facilities?
• Is the venue licensed for civil ceremonies?
• Does the venue provide cake tables/gift tables and easels for the seating plan?
• Do you have a Public Address system that can be used for speeches / announcements?

• What is the venue's interior décor like?
• Are there any refurbishment plans from now until your actual wedding date?
• Can the interior match with any specific colour themes that you may be considering?

Food & Beverage
• Do they have an in-house caterer or can your bring your own?
• Will they allow you to bring your own alcohol or will they provide it?
• Is there any corkage if you bring your own beverages?

Accommodation Facilities
• Does the venue have overnight accommodation facilities on-site or nearby for you or your guests?
• If the venue is a hotel, is it possible to reserve a block of rooms at a discounted rate?

Venue Restrictions
• What are the limitations on what decor you can have?
• What is the time limit regarding the playing of music and serving of beverages?
• Is there a charge if extra function hours are required?

Payment & Confirmations
• Will the venue sending confirmations of all the arrangements and exactly what is included?
• What are the refund and cancellation policies?
• What are the payment policies?
• Who will be the contact person for the venue on the day?

This article was kindly contributed by Amit Lamba of Their Laguna Banqueting hall is an ideal wedding venue
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