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Close-Up Magicians

© Magic At Your FingertipsWhat is close up magic?
Close up magic has many names, strolling magic, street magic, table magic, they are all forms of modern close up magic. It is considered by many to be the most demanding form of magic because it is performed so close, at your fingertips.

Don't expect large boxes with spring flowers and silk hankies.
Don't expect corny rhyming patter and wriggling hips.

Do expect to be amazed! Modern close up magic, performed with everyday objects and lots of skilful sleight of hand will stun and impress your guests, You will hear gasps of wonder, laughter and applause and cries of "do that again!" providing magical memories of your occasion, for everyone.

Ideal for all types of corporate hospitality, wedding receptions etc.
Close up magic is highly flexible to YOUR needs Ideal as an icebreaker to help bond families guests together from the outset.
Great to occupy the waiting guests during the photographic session, room changeovers etc.
Entertaining at the tables, encouraging laughter and applause to resound around the room.

Which magician should I choose?
Ensure he specialises in close up magic.
That he is a member of a Magic Circle
That he is fully insured, a member of entertainers union Equity and have a chat over the phone and see if you like him!

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This article was kindly contributed by Bernie - Magic At Your Fingertips.