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Entertainers for Store Openings and Retail Events

Ok, you’ve seen it all before, a crowd of eager shoppers waiting outside for a new store to open or an event to start. Children are getting impatient, mothers are getting tetchy and it's really boring just standing and waiting! As the event starts nothing really eventful happens, just a few store staff with balloons and maybe some free vouchers.

Imagine a different scenario: Your customers are again waiting eagerly outside but that’s where the similarities end! Children in the queue are entertained by balloon modellers, stilt walkers, face painting, magicians, a band plays uplifting jazz tunes and a masseuse is available for relaxing shoulder massages. Immediately the atmosphere changes; happy shoppers, happy kids and happy you!

The benefits of entertainers for store openings and retail events are second to none. They create a fantastic atmosphere, get your customers talking about YOU, ensuring that all important customer loyalty and bringing in more customers for the future. If a customer has had a “happy experience” at your event they will come back again and again and they will go and tell others too.

In summary, entertainers for store openings and events increases your footfall, creates better awareness of you through your customer’s word of mouth and increases your profits!

This article was kindly contributed by Julie Housego of JH Promotions, entertaiment and promotion consultants.
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