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© PreludeThe Advantages of Using an Agent to book entertainment.

If you're looking for professional entertainment, it goes without saying that your event is a very special and important occasion and unless you are fortunate enough to include professional musicians or entertainers amongst your circle of friends, then choosing an artist independently can be a very risky business. If you use a reputable agent, however, you can be assured that the chosen act will :
. be professional and competent
. arrive in good time
. be friendly and polite to you and your guests . play the music that you want to hear . turn down the sound level if required, and . not help themselves to your champagne!

The agent will also have vetted them thoroughly to ensure that any electrical equipment is PAT tested (a critical factor for most venues), that there is adequate public liability insurance and that the artists understand the importance of preferred dress codes. So, by using the services of a good agent, you are almost guaranteeing that the entertainment need not concern you.

How to tell whether an agent is good? First ask them how long they've been trading - if the agent has been around for years, then they must be keeping both their clients and the artists happy (agents need to be able to maintain a comprehensive, sound artist base.) Secondly, check out their client list - if it features blue chip companies, plus all the prestigious venues, then you can be assured that the agent offers top quality professional entertainment. And finally, see how they treat you. A good agent will respond to your enquiry promptly and with genuine interest. And if you uncertain of your precise requirement, they will offer you not simply one or two but a variety of acts - as many as you need - to ensure you get what's exactly right for your event.

This article was kindly contributed by Diane Ellis of Prelude Entertainment - the events entertaiment agency.
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