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Essential Questions To Ask When Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding?  - five vital questions answered.

Wedding planning can be one of the most time consuming, confusing and potentially stressful things you will do. Here are some questions answered for you to help ease the stress!

Do I need to plan and budget?

Yes. It is vital to have a plan of some sort to enable you to make important decisions, such as venue; as capacity will impact how may people to invite, budget; will impact how much décor will be required
at the various events.

This brings me nicely onto budgeting. If you have a budget you need to sit down and roughly allocate to various areas of your event. This will act as a baseline when choosing suppliers and trying to stick
to your overall budget.

When do I start planning?

We would say as early as possible. It is essential that the key elements such as venue, décor, catering, photography etc are booked in advance.

We would recommend starting nine months to one year before your event. If you have narrowed down a list of suppliers then get yourself pencilled into their diaries. This will also ensure you have quality
suppliers you really want.

What do I look for when choosing a Wedding Décor company?

Family and friends' recommendation is the best form of reassurance on which suppliers to use. Go and speak with various companies and understand what they have to offer.

The following 3 points are very important:

- Your ideas are taken on board. Ensure the décor provider is flexible and prepared to incorporate/enhance your ideas and requirements.

- Customer Service. Ensure the supplier gives you the time of day and is available to answer any questions. You should also ensure you have everything in writing with the associated costs. You will need to build a rapport with your supplier as they will be playing a BIG role in the success of your big day

- Beware of companies who say 'yes' to everything you want and who price match or price cut other companies. The quality in service might be compromised.

What if I cannot plan and execute the wedding/event myself?

There are various event management companies out there. It is important to speak with previous clients of that company and ensure they have been happy with the management of their events. Event managers are becoming more and more popular as the bride and groom want all family members and friends to enjoy the event.

How do I make sure that my day will go as I planned?

If you are executing it yourself then ensure other friends and family know the plan and share the work load.

If you are using an event management company then ensure you have various planning meetings with all involved in the wedding and keep an open dialogue.

Most importantly enjoy it and good luck !


This article was kindly contributed by Heena Solanki - Director, Event Gurus - Innovative Creations -