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How many films need to establish a period feel as part of their operation? How many of them spend a fortune on building sets? Yet how many have bothered to look at creating, for a reasonable cost, a period funfair with operating equipment from that time to use as background?

Well, quite a few in fact and they have found this great value for money. They have also found that the Showmen they employ, provided they pick the right company, are flexible and adaptable and will meet any needs and requirements at short notice. Showmen have a can do attitude and will always find a way of solving problems and creating the atmosphere and effects needed.

You can get any period you want, Victorian, Edwardian, between the wars, 1950s, 60s right up to the present day. The Showmen's Guild of Great Britain will provide images from the time to assist set designers and researchers, and reputable and experienced Fairground companies can source exactly what is wanted and needed, and can help with set building too.

There is great potential for imaginative companies. Take a look at your TV tonight and see how many people use fairground equipment in their work. From the Inland Revenue to major banks; from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels to London's Burning; you will find fairground attractions used anywhere and everywhere because there is more scope and more value in hiring fairground equipment than you will find anywhere else. A fairground can make an empty car park look like an American Theme Park; can turn an open space into Victorian London; and can make a derelict building look like 2055 in a futuristic style. That is why you should make sure you choose an experienced and quality company to help you look at fairgrounds to see how we can help you in your major filming work.

This article was kindly contributed by George Irvin - Events Coordinator of Irvin Leisure Entertainments Ltd., film prop suppliers
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