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Finding The Right Illusionist For An Event

Firstly, let's determine what an illusionist act or show is all about since the general public and those booking it cannot often differentiate between an Illusionist and a Magician.

Well, of course, to some degree one would be right in thinking that they are somewhat of the same form of entertainment but the truth is the illusionist is nearly always a larger and more spectacular form of magic show as the illusionist relies on large equipment and has one or several assistants accompanying him where literally countless amazing different illusions can be performed for your event.

Of course while illusionists are still performing some traditional props like the classic 'sawing a lady in half', magic has moved on in huge leaps and bounds with really innovative and awesome feats of illusion capable of turning any event into a really spectacular and memorable magical occasion. The Illusionist relies on music to enhance and create the mood for the show and lighting also plays an important part. This type of act/show always requires plenty of stage space normally taking a dance floor for the performance.

So, from this it is clear that lots of room is necessary for a successful performance from an illusionist as there is nothing worse than your audience sitting right up close to this type of show. This is not because the audience are going to catch how the secrets are achieved but because it just simply does not make for good viewing, especially if the audience is at the very sides of the dance floor. Remember also, many illusionists use props such as fire or smoke machines and many hotels today do not allow the use of these props although usually with some gentle persuasion they are can be persuaded to turn off fire sprinklers for such performances. After all, that is what the illusionists show is all about - the effects, the mood and the spectacular.

Now that you know all this, how do you find a really reputable illusionist for your next event? Since, of course, you won't find any entertainer talking about themselves in any other light than being the absolute best and as one might imagine this is often not the case as - disappointingly - some bookers find out on the night. One thing is for sure, the finest acts in the world all enjoy and get asked to perform for their fellow magicians at our many annual magic conferences and it is a useful thing to ask about write-ups they may have received at such events. You might be able to cheat the average lay-public but it is much more difficult to do this with your fellow magicians.

Of course, you could also book via a reputable entertainment agent or simply ask for a video or DVD of the act you are interested in as a lot can be told of a performer's abilities and class just by their photographs and publicity. Lastly, you will appreciate that the illusionist is normally a more expensive form of magical entertainment to book especially when compared to other acts such as stand up or close up table magicians who do not have assistants, equipment and all the transportational needs that the illusionist has.

This article was kindly contributed by Carl Dean of, illusionists.
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