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Fun Casinos For Events And Parties

Fun Casinos have proved to be one of the best value entertainments which can be used at a variety of different events from corporate events to private parties, through to charity fundraisers. They have also become really popular as a wedding reception entertainment.

What makes them so popular? Quite simply the games have been played for centuries. Also you are not playing for real money, but for fun or charity where you can win a prize for amassing the highest amount of chips over the night.

The Main Games to choose:

Roulette is popular because it is exciting, simple and easy to play. Its origins date back to 1765 in Paris and then are synonymous with the opening of the first Monte Carlo casino in 1861.

Blackjack (also known as Twenty-One, Vingt-Et-Un, or the English Pontoon) is the most widely played casino banking game in the world.

Craps originates from the English dice game of Hazard which has been around for centuries and ended up in America, probably taken there by English settlers. Craps in its current form really started in 1931 when casino gambling was legalised in the state of Nevada and Casino Craps (Vegas style) became popular all over the world. A loud, fast and furious game to play.

Since its humble beginning on the banks of the Mississippi, the popularity of poker has grown all over the world coupled with the recent introduction of televised tournaments and play on the internet. Undoubtedly, out of all the variations, Texas Hold’Em - the ‘cadillac of poker’ - is now the most frequently played and most popular poker game in the world.

What to look out for when hiring a fun casino;

Do you want Casino standard?  Full size gaming tables and wheels are expensive to buy. This is why there are a lot of variations between suppliers - some opt to buy cheaper options which are not the genuine article.

A full size roulette wheel is 80cm. Anything smaller than this is not what you would see in a casino and is not correct.

Tables should come with the traditional H frame wooden legs consisting of 2 shaped legs and a centre bar. These are built for sturdiness and safety. Fold up metal legs or anything hidden behind skirting should be avoided.

Choice of games. Are you being offered other games and not just Roulette or Blackjack? Craps and Wheel of fortune compliment a Vegas theme. Poker is extremely popular now; I would recommend Texas Hold ’Em as the table game rather than any other variant such as Casino Stud or ‘Caribbean’ Poker as more people know Hold ’Em and actually want to play or learn how to play.

Check what events and venues the company supply to or - better still - ask if the casino tables have been featured on TV or in films. This shows that you are getting genuine casino equipment.

Location: Unless absolutely necessary I would recommend using a local supplier, especially for events taking place in London where delivery to venues is often restricted.

Legality: A fun or charity casino is perfectly legal. Guidelines are set by the Gambling Act 2005, specifically relating to non-commercial gaming. Your supplier should be able to give you more detailed information on the do’s and don’ts based on your party.

Conclusion : Whether you are organising your company Christmas party or for a 40th birthday party, if you are looking for an entertainment to add to your event and keep your guests involved, a fun casino is extremely hard to beat!

This article was written by David Gant of