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The popularity of the harp has increased substantially over the past 5 years. Some may think that harpists are a rarity and that the job opportunities for them are even more rare, but nothing could be further from the truth.The demand for harpists now far exceeds supply. This unusual instrument is popular with both the general public and corporate event organisers alike and the quantity of work available for these unusually dedicated musicians has increased greatly in recent years.

Many harpists start playing as children, through adolescence, usually followed by a musical degree in one of the country's famous music academies. The most astounding fact of all is the price of the harp itself. A reasonable standard harp is around 12,000 new. Whereas a high quality concert harp for the more experienced harpist can be around 30,000 to 40,000.

The harp is an ancient instrument which dates back thousands of years. There are several types and sizes of harp although the most common are the Celtic Harp and the Concert Harp. The Celtic Harp is a small to middle size instrument as far as harps go. As it tends to have less strings than a Concert Harp it does not provide the facility to play as wide a selection of tunes as that offered by a Concert Harp.

Celtic Harps tend to be more popular in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for obvious reasons. The Concert Harp, being larger, has substantially more strings and is far more flexible due to the greater range of notes that can be performed on it. Therefore, this tends to be the most popular choice for brides and corporate event organisers. Harpists are not only chosen for the soft angelic tones they make, but also for their visual appeal.

A harpist adds an air of class and refinement to any event. Most harpists perform a full range of music ranging from the well known classical greats to showtunes, celtic, pop, traditional, jazz and much more. These talented musicians are the most popular choice for wedding ceremonies, drinks receptions and wedding breakfasts.

This article was kindly contributed by Mark Grimwade of, The harpists directory.
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