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How To Organise The Perfect Hen Night

So you’ve been given the honoured position of organising your best friend’s hen night; as well as feeling proud and privileged you might also be a little nervous. With so much choice of things to do on a hen weekend it can be difficult to know where to start planning one. Don’t worry though, we’ve come up with a few helpful ideas of how to start planning an unforgettable Hen Night!

Know your guest list
The most important part of the hen night is who is going to be there. If the invites have been left up to you, make sure you talk to the hen and you know who she wants there so that no one gets missed out. Once you have your guest list, make sure that the invitations go out in plenty of time so that the girls have lots of time to book time off work if needed, or babysitters. You want to make sure as many of
the hen’s special people are there to celebrate the evening with her!

Make sure you know what’s NOT wanted
One girl’s hen night heaven might be another girl’s hen night hell. Whilst the element of surprise on a hen night can be fantastic, you want to make sure that the hen is going to be comfortable and happy with whatever is planned. Take some time to speak to the hen about anything that she wouldn’t want to happen, and make sure that you respect that list. Remember that the point of the evening is to make
the hen feel as special as possible!

Think about the budget
The most important thing about a hen night is that as many of the hen’s favourite people are there as possible, and everyone has a good time. It’s important that you think about how much people will have to spend in order to participate in the hen night. By making a weekend too expensive, you might have people drop out who can’t afford it, but not organising enough to do on a hen weekend might not make it
feel as special as it should. Make sure you have an idea of how much people are prepared to spend and once you set a price per person, make sure you stick to it so that everyone can plan how much they need to put aside for it. Make sure everyone knows how much money you might need up front to book any activities, and how much money they will need on the night to pay for extras such as food and drink.

Make sure there are activities and games that get people involved!
A hen night works well if everyone is chatting, talking and laughing with one another,. If you’re booking an activity for the evening think about something which is interactive and going to get the girls having a good old giggle together. Cocktail making or a burlesque lesson are great examples of fun activities to do on a hen night. When you’re not doing your activity, it’s always a good idea to have a list of bar games, quizzes or dares to do that will get people talking and having a good time!

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