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How To Organise The Perfect Stag Night

You’ve been given the title of best man which means you have a lot of responsibility. Forget your speech and looking after the rings, you need to be planning the stag party to end all stag parties.

Take it from us, this isn’t a responsibility that you want to take lightly, or leave to the last minute. If you’re not quite sure where to start, don’t worry, we’ve put together some essential stag party tips to make sure you put together an unforgettable night for the groom to be!

Get the guys together
A stag party isn’t a stag party if no one turns up so makes sure you know well in advance who the stag wants at his stag night. Then get in touch with everyone and find out who can make it. Try as best you can to get people to commit to the date as soon as possible because there’s nothing worse than having people drop out last minute.

Stick to a budget
You’re more likely to get people to go to a stag party if they know how much it’s going to cost both in advance and on the night. No-one likes surprises, especially when it comes to spending money! Also make sure that everyone knows what they can expect for their money. Once everyone’s agreed how much to spend, get the deposits from people as quickly as possible!

Book your activities in advance
You don’t want to be booking an activity last minute, because as well as being stressful, the last thing you want is to find everywhere is booked up and you’re left without anything to do during the day or night of the stag party. Get an idea of what kind of activity people want to do, how much they can spend on it and then get it booked. It might seem like hard work getting on the Internet and researching, or picking up a phone, but trust us it’s not as hard as trying to find somewhere for 30 guys to go paintballing the night before the stag party!

Embarrass (but look after) the stag!
A stag party is all about celebrating and humiliating the stag. A great way to do this is to get him a fancy dress costume that he has to wear which is different to everyone else. For example have him dress up as a pantomime dame and thoroughly embarrass him as he walks through the streets on a night with the rest of the guys. Bear in mind though, that as Best Man, the stag is your responsibility and
whilst it’s fun to get him to have a few drinks too many, having him do something that him, or the missus is going to hate you for, forever, is a sure fire way to make it into a stag nightmare. Have fun with him, but make sure he gets back in one piece!

For more information about organising an unforgettable stag party, visit The Stag Company who have been sending stags away on fantastic stag weekends since 2005.

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