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Lasers For Outdoor Events

Laser usage in outdoor events has increased dramatically over the past 5 years, with current laser technology negating the need for 3 phase power and constant feed water supplies. Laser technology now is largely based on YAG instruments which are solid state lasers. These lasers were adapted from medical / scientific units which underwent optical changes to enable invisible laser frequencies to be become visible. Since which time developers have produced lasers specifically designed for the entertainments industry which are more rugged, lighter and less susceptible to environmental changes.

Red, Green or Blue?

YAG lasers are now available in Red, Green and Blue wavelengths, and as such can be combined to produce white light. This is typically how the new solid state white lasers in the market are made up with a combination of these three laser types 'married' together in a single enclosure offering thousands of colours by manipulating the three wavelengths to a lesser or greater degree.

Power levels vary depending on which colours you choose. The most powerful colour is green (532nm) and also the most common. Green only solid state lasers in the UK with power og 40 watts+ have become commonplace in outdoor events such as theme parks, classical concerts, firework & laser shows, corporate and private parties as well as indoor arenas for live music events.

Although white light lasers are far more interesting with their variety of colour possibilities they are not all suitable for outdoor use when up against the production lighting, ambient lighting or accompanying fireworks that may also be prevalent in the show. Indoor laser effects can be much less powerful, especially as there can be a level of control over the ambient and show lighting conditions.

How to choose? What do I need?

You will need to find a reputable laser supplier who has recommendations in as wide a range of events as possible. Ask around and see whose name keeps popping up in a positive way. If you have seen a great display itís not hard to find out who the supplying company was with the wonders of the internet!

Fireworks & Lasers

The combination of pyro and lasers can be truly fantastic if the two disciplines are combined into a singular coherent display. As more local authorities and venues are levelling greater restrictions on the use of fireworks it can be the clever combination of laser and pyro that see the continuation of the two element show rather than merely lasers alone, which although spectacular in their own right often benefit from being part of a bigger show or display.