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Living Statues at Weddings

It’s a lot more than Standing Still!

A living statue can be an enchanting and magical addition to a wedding. But being such a unique and strange form of entertainment it’s hard to know where to begin. This guide aims to help couples choose the ideal statue and offers hints and tips to get the perfect piece of static performance for their wedding.

Living Statues? Really?

Living Statues are now a common sight busking in towns and cities across the world. You know the idea, throw the performer a coin and watch as he jolts into life before returning to his original static position.

Increasingly a number of professional living statue companies are setting up to offer high quality performances for weddings. Providing traditional romantic statues such as angels, cupids, Georgians etc. - they can tailor for most couple’s needs whilst suiting the theme and style of their big day.

It’s not unusual to see statues made to fit more unusual themes too. Fun and dazzling characters such as human trees are growing in popularity for couples who want an exciting and surprising form of entertainment.

And surprise really is the key for a good quality living statue. A perfect costume will trick the eye; deceive your guests into thinking it’s a simple piece of the furniture. They lower their guard then Boom! It bursts into life to create fun and laughter - not to mention a few heart attacks!

But what should you bear in mind when booking a living statue; what important points should you remember?


Always make sure that you have seen some pictures or video of your performer. And think carefully about where you want them to stand at your venue.

It’s important to pick a living statue performer that uses a costume that looks like it belongs to the venue. A dusty old statue that might have been in the same spot for decades will create a brilliant effect when people realise it’s a real person. But if the costume looks like it’s cheap or homemade then the illusion will be lost.

Place your statue somewhere where you guests will see it. It might seem fun to place him in a quiet corridor with a bunch of real statues but if nobody sees him then you’re wasting the performer’s talents, not to mention your own money. Think about a place where the statue can be used to draw attention to a particular attraction - the table plan for example - that way everyone will get to see the performer and join in with the fun!


It’s crucial to check that you’re getting a performer who knows their craft and has full public liability insurance. Many venues these days will refuse to allow a performance by an uninsured artist which could lead to problems. Ask to see your performers Equity Card - as well as being an assurance of quality Equity membership automatically covers a performer for all public liability insurance.

Finally, it’s a good idea to make sure that your performer is aware of the times you’re expecting guests to arrive and depart to ensure he is in position. If there’s anything guaranteed to ruin the illusion it’s the sight of a statue shuffling onto his box ten minutes after your guests have started sipping their champagne!


A living statue can bring some amazing moments to a perfect day. Great for photos and memories for all ages they’re a perfect compliment to any wedding. So, the next time you’re at a wedding, take another look at that statue in the corner, because you never know - it might be looking back!

This article was kindly contributed by Ed Johnson -