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Lookalikes For Events

Lookalikes for events

Lookalikes have always provided a popular entertainment feature at a huge range of corporate events and promotions due to both their uniqueness and their ability to sate the general public’s fascination with celebrity.

The huge recent media attention afforded to Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton, herself a Paris Hilton lookalike, has served to bring lookalikes back into vogue with demand for this particular form of event entertainment probably running at an all-time high.

The different types of events that can be enhanced by the presence of a lookalike is an almost endless list; essentially any type of event or occasion containing a theme into which a lookalike can be incorporated with examples including corporate events and parties, award ceremonies, store openings, promotional activities and mix and mingle. Lookalikes are also often sought by television and film producers as well as being in demand for video doubling and film reconstruction with voiceover.

Christmas is probably the busiest time of year for a lookalike with their presence frequently being in demand at Christmas parties and festive corporate events.

The types of character lookalikes in demand varies from week to week with demand always increasing for lookalikes of celebrities who are either in the news or featured in current popular films and television shows; for example, David and Victoria Beckham and characters from The X factor. There are, however, some lookalike characters who are consistently popular including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The Royal Family and characters from James Bond films.

There is a crossover of lookalikes with tribute artists and acts with the obvious example being Elvis Presley. Lookalike agencies are often able to provide look-alikes who double up as tribute artists although with the proliferation of specialist tribute artist agencies, the crossover is small.

Lookalikes are usually present at an event for up to 3 hours as this is generally deemed to be more than adequate time for their particular type of entertainment to capture the guests’ attention. Some special events may necessitate their presence for longer and this can be arranged on request. A guideline fee for a lookalike would be upwards of £350 plus travelling expenses for a three hour appearance, as well as accommodation expenses should an overnight stop be necessary. Some lookalikes are able to impersonate the voice of the character that they resemble and a lookalike who has cultivated the accent as well as the celebrity’s persona will naturally command a larger fee.

Lookalikes may be booked through generically specialist agencies or through entertainment agencies as well as by contacting the artist directly. It is advisable to give as much notice as possible, especially when booking a popular lookalike and if booking for a Christmas party or event.

This article was written by Jon Stebbings of the Partyoffers events directory

The author wishes to thank Caroline Green of Susan Scott Lookalikes for her invaluable help in the research of this article.
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