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Magic Acts

© Paul NardiniWhen looking for a magician, as with any other entertainers, there are many different types and you really need to know the most appropriate magician for your event. When looking for a singer you would know what types of music you wanted - e.g. jazz/opera/folk/pop/rock - so what types are there in magic? Well, there are six main areas in which you will find a magician working, namely:-

Close-Up - working to small groups of people, say at the dinner table in a restaurant, wedding dinner or banquet.
Walkabout/Strolling Magic - at meet & greet occasions or buffet style functions, fetes and gala day's where there are no tables and the guests are in small groups. The groups tend to be around 4 to 8 people in number.
Intimate Cabaret Magic - performing in front of an audience of up to 30/40 people or so, say at a 40th birthday party in your home or small function suite in a hotel.
Cabaret Magic - performing in front of a larger audience - e.g. at a golf awards banquet or company dinner.
Illusions - usually performed on stages in theatres or larger cabaret venues
- i.e. hotel function suites fitted with a temporary stage floor etc.
Children's Entertainer - kids birthday parties, school fun days, nursery school events etc.

To establish the most appropriate magician to book for your event questions you need to ask yourself include the following:-

  • What is the style of the performer?
  • Does he or she use comedy?
  • Is it a serious mind reading act or glitzy stage act?
  • Are they professional with the appropriate public liability insurance cover?
  • Are they any good?
  • Look at their credentials - have they won any notable awards?
  • Have they built up a good reputation?

    What about cost? How much will I pay for a magician? Well this is relates to how much you have in your budget for the entertainment. David Copperfield is probably more expensive than 'Wizzo the Magic Clown' and you will find that the fees quoted will vary significantly based on the credentials, experience and reputation of the magician. There is a magician out there to meet every budget. So have a look through the above, decide what you require, and then phone the magician in the knowledge that you are a little more informed and are speaking the same language.

This article was kindly contributed by Magician Paul Nardini
2005 Party Offers