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A magician can be an amazing addition to any event! If you choose wisely your magical friend can be much more than simply another entertainer; they can be a wonderful ice-breaker and can really help get people buzzing.There are many types and styles of magic all of which suit certain situations better than others. So how should you start deciding if a magician is what you want and what kind of performer should you engage?

How to Add Value?

You always aim to extract the best out of your outlay so always think sensibly when thinking where a magician will fit into the program of your function. A good suggestion is to think about any dull moments that might occur. For example, as your guests arrive for pre-dinner drinks a close-up magician can “Mix & Mingle” performing their miracles. Normally the type of magic used here is fairly laid back – after all people have yet to relax into the evening. You will also need to be considerate of others when planning your function. If you have a large section who will probably not have seen each other for quite sometime, or even some who have just been introduced, often a magician may be considered an unwelcome visitor.

‘Walkabout’ or ‘Mix & Mingle’ will also work well at all day events such as at sporting functions, company fun-days and barbeques. If you have a formal function then you might employ someone to “Table Hop”. Your magician will visit each table during the meal giving each group their own mini-magic-show of perhaps 8 or 10 minutes. Also consider that if you have a big function you may need more than one magician to ensure all your guests have a chance to be entertained. During a normal three course meal a magician can typically work to ten or twelve tables. They can continue work over coffee; but this is often curtailed by speeches and presentations. If you want impress your guests then give them something stunning to relax and enjoy after the meal. A great illusion act or comedy cabaret is ideal for this situation. These days a Mind-Reading Act is an increasingly popular choice for after dinner.

These acts can work just as fine on stage as they can in a more intimate setting, but do discuss with your performer the sound and lighting they use to ensure they do not become overbearing. You may be lucky and find a performer who can combine some close-up magic during the meal with a show after dinner. This can be very effective, but also be aware that even the greatest magician can overstay his welcome!

One scenario to avoid is where the guests are subjected to a long meal (with smoking restrictions!) followed a long speech from the MD and then a cabaret (magical or otherwise.) Often in these circumstances your guests will be gasping to get out of their chair for a drink or a smoke and so your cabaret comes on to a half empty room. So think over your schedule!

Another time to use a magician is after the meal when the evening has perhaps gone free-form. Here a more contemporary style works well mixing magic and mind-reading to great effect. This will work well if you have additional rooms and would like people to have the alternative to sit and talk rather than listen to the band or dance to the disco.

Other Ideas
Of course magicians can work in other scenarios other than parties. Some of these include Product Launches, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences. Some magicians will offer the option of simply performing their usual magic or creating new presentations to help sell your company’s message.

How should I select a magician?

There are always so many wonderful artists to select from but your first stage in the selection process is to see who can offer the type of magic you think will add value to your event. Next, the decisive factor is “will the magician fit in”? So observe their promotional writing and internet site and reflect on the sort of guest that will be in attendance the event. If you have some young street wise people there will they warm to a friendly avuncular magician? Or if you have families there, will the young kids enjoy watching intricate mental tricks that might confuse? Try and narrow the choice down to 2 or 3 and then spend some time going through what you want with the magicians on your short list.

Other credentials which may be worth considering are:

  • Membership of a magical association such as The Magic Circle
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Previous Clients – Who have the worked for and what did they say?
  • CRB Check – Essential where kids are involved

Essentially think about your event and where a magician will add value and choose one who looks right for the situation. Check his credentials, sit back and enjoy the magic!

This article was kindly contributed by close-up magician Marc Lemezma
2005 Party Offers