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Darryl Rose©

The hardest part of looking for a magician/mind reader is will he/she be magical, astounding, and most importantly entertaining? These days anyone can go into a magic shop, buy themselves a trick and call themselves a magician. Unfortunately this is more and more the case, so think twice before you pick the magician for your next function.

I have put together Darryl's top 10 Magic Tips:

1. Ask about their qualifications. See if they are a member of The Magic Circle or the International Brotherhood of Magicians - Two of the most respected societies in the world. Many professional magicians are also members of Equity.

2. Ask if they have won any Awards - Accomplished magicians generally have won some!

3. Ask if they have invented any magical principles - the good ones have!

4. Ask what experience they have - have they performed for respectable companies, and clients?

5. Ask which venues they have performed in - down the pub or at respectable venues?

6. Ask where about they have performed - just in their local town, or across the country and world.

7. Ask for some Quotes or Testimonials from previous clients.

8. Ask what is style of magic they perform? Close up, Cabaret, mix and mingle?

9. Ask if they have Public Liability Insurance - Important if the are borrowing your ring for an effect!

10. Ask if they perform professionally, or just as a hobby for extra cash?

Whatever you decide, Magic is one of the best performance arts you can ever come across. Whether magic is performed in your hands, or 3 foot away from you in an entertaining manner, your entire senses are tested to the limit, with amusement, wonderment and joy.

This article was kindly contributed by Event Magician Darryl Rose AIMC -
2005 Party Offers

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