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Magicians For Weddings

Wedding Magician

Apart from wedding days being thought of as a magical day for the couple concerned, magicians and weddings don’t tend to be mentioned in the same breath. As a versatile and personal form of entertainment however, a close-up strolling wedding magician can be one of your greatest assets on your special day.

Looking after your guests

The bride and groom can’t be everywhere and the more guests you have the more people there will be to look after. There will be several periods during the day when guests and family are waiting around while photographs are taken for example. This alone usually takes at least an hour or more while guests are positioned and the next family group takes their positions. The wedding magician can take care of entertaining your guests, keeping them amazed and providing talking points for guests to get to know each other. The wedding magician can also provide small personal shows for groups of adults as well as children who are often at weddings. This can be done wherever they are, indoors or out, as the strolling magician can move wherever the guests are. Any props that are need will be carried on the magician and they won’t require lighting, sound or special equipment.  Strolling magic is the commando of the entertainment world although in a peaceful, amusing and amazing way! Strolling magic doesn’t effect the event and can stop and start as required. 

Wedding Breakfast and Evening Party

Later on the wedding magician can also entertain around the tables during the wedding breakfast between the courses and once the speeches start they will go and have a break and a well-earned cup of tea! Another opportunity to make use of the close-up magician is the evening party. This often starts off in a quiet way as new guests arrive and the close-up magician has the ability to break the ice (not literally) provoking comment, conversation and laughter ensuring your party gets off to a swinging start as everyone wants to see what is causing the stir.

Choosing the right magician

Choosing a magician for you wedding day can be quite confusing as how do you know who would be best for your event. Here are a few pointers that will help you narrow down the field. You will want a magician of some experience so check if he is professional (and not just an amateur) and a member The Magic Circle for example as that is one the few marks of excellence a magician can show. The one day that everyone dresses up for is a wedding day, so see if the magician looks smart enough for you on his website and ask him what he would wear if you booked him.  You don’t want to be embarrassed by a scruffy looking performer at your wedding.  Ask if they have performed at any prestigious venues and not just at the local pub! Also ask if they can provide any thank-you letters from previous clients. Finally you could ask to meet (providing they are local to you) and see a short demonstration of what the magician can do. It’s also a useful time to talk through what parts of the day you could most usefully use a magician and see if he really impresses you.  Make sure he/she is an ‘entertainer’ and not just able to do a few tricks. Tricks are fine but a good performer needs to be likable and entertaining as well. If a local magician is not willing to meet up then maybe try elsewhere. Recommendations from other people are always a good sign as well. 

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