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Mind Readers

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Enjoying a huge popularity at the moment, mind reading has recently been popularised by TV shows such as Derren Brown Mind Control and Jez Rose All in Your Mind.

Itís a little known fact that there are only 10 professional mind readers in the UK, each with their own style; some suited to very specific events but most working in many areas of the entertainment industry. This unique style of entertainment is in high demand as event planners seek to find something unusual and refreshing to please their clients and guests.

Celebrities, awards ceremonies and some of the largest companies in the world are all leaning towards this exciting style of entertainment. Standard magic is becoming run of the mill and doesnít always compete well with other dynamic acts such as high-level circus performers or celebrity appearances. Mind Readers appeal to peopleís intelligence and to current mass public popularity.

Individualsí websites are a good place to start as performers will detail where they have worked, which will demonstrate their flexibility, who they have worked for, which will confirm their credentials and kudos, and what they do. Some will stroll amongst your guests during their arrival or at a cocktail reception, however, a cabaret performance perhaps after dinner or to get everyone in the mood at the start of the evening, is where this performance style excels. Donít miss out the opportunity to put a Mind Reader onto an exhibition stand though, or any other areas you need mass appeal and entertainment. Generally the longer the performance time, the better as it gives your guests time to settle into the performance and for the Mind Reader to establish himself as most acts build and build to a big climax. Itís also often a better deal financially to give your guests an extra 10 minutes of show, for a very nominal difference, if any difference at all, in price. Mind Readers arenít the cheapest form of entertainment, but they are certainly one of the most rewarding for any event organiser. If you want a guaranteed jaw-dropping response and lingering hype from your guests then a Mind Reader is the entertainment of choice.

Mind Reading doesnít have to be dark, moody and sinister. This is just one style. The great thing about having 10 professional Mind Readers to choose from is that you can guarantee a style that reflects your own event and aims. Dark and moody might suit a Murder Mystery evening or haunted night on Halloween. However, you may find the few that present a more entertaining, light-hearted and even comedy approach offer a universally accepted style to more events and to a wider cross-section of guests. Each individual Mind Readers style will be reflected in their websites and in any promotional literature.

Give them a call and ask to see promotional DVDs if you are unsure. If they donít have promotional literature, this is more of a sign of the times (as websites become more detailed and an easier and faster source) than of professionalism. Go by past clients and any testimonials Ė word of mouth is after all one of the best forms of advertising and certainly the most reliable.

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