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Mix & Mingle and Walkabout Performers For Events

Picture the scene… This is it!

The Big Day. You’ve got the drinks, the food, the invitations have gone out. You want to have a fabulous time. The time arrives and the guests start arriving. “ Hello, thanks for coming…” you smile, you greet all your friends and then you start to get more and more anxious as people stand around in awkward silence, smiling and sipping tall drinks. No one is relaxed or knows anyone else – Disaster! One simple solution – Mix and Mingle entertainment.

Mix and mingle covers a wide variety of entertainers: from magicians to comedy waiters, Royal footmen and stiltwalkers – all create a talking point to break the ice either in a private party or in the corporate field.

If you have a specific theme then meeters and greeters always set the scene. Hollywood Lookalikes, Moulin Rouge stiltwalkers, fabulous aerial birds of paradise. They all create a fabulous ambience and get the party swinging from the start.

We are very lucky on the UK to have a wealth of mix and mingle talent. There are literally hundreds of table entertainers (after the reception they can stroll around tables) and three times as many walkabout and stilt acts.

The Best place to find them? ….Agencies.

There are many entertainment agencies and a few who specialize in mix and mingle and walkabout. Use their expertise and set them a budget. They will always find you someone suitable.

Priorities… No one remembers what they ate at a party, but they all remember when they met Elvis!

This article was kindly contributed by walkabout performer Alex Hogg of
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