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© Optics Mobile BarYou have hired everything for your special day - the venue, church, hall, caterer, wedding dress, bridesmaids' dresses, photographer, disco etc etc then realise that the venue has no bar facilities. The most important factors to make your wedding day and evening celebrations complete are the caterer, disco/band and mobile bar. Get these factors right and your special day will be a great success and will have your guests talking about your wedding for weeks. There are many companies around now advertising under the heading of 'mobile bar services'; you need to establish exactly what they offer as many are cocktail bars offering cocktails only and not full bar facilities. The following guidelines may be of some help when contacting a mobile bar company as they will need this information.

Your Information.

1. Your name.
2. Address.
3. Telephone / mobile no.
4. The venue address.
5. Access to the venue, i.e. any steps?
6. Contact name at the function, i.e. The Best man.
7. Are there washing facilities for glasses?
8. Electricity points.
9. Is there a designated area for the bar and, if so, what size? (some
marquee companies provide an area on the side of the marquee).
10. The time you are getting married and what time you will be arriving back at the venue.
11. Access times for set up and take down (That night or next day?).
12. The bar opening and closing times you require.
13. The time your function ends (some halls have to be vacated by midnight).

Mobile Bar Information.

1. What do they supply (bar, staff, glasses, ice and lemons).
2. Do they charge a fee? Watch for hidden extras.
3. Are glasses and staff a separate hire option?
4. What products do they supply?
5. Ask for a price list.
6. How long have they been operating?
7. Do they have a web site?
8. Do they have Public Liability Insurance?
9. Dos the equipment have a P.A.T. certificate?
10. What options of service do they offer your guests?
a. Do your guests pay?
b. Can you put an amount of money behind the bar and then guests pay?
c. Client pays the bar bill offering a "Free bar".
Important If your guests are paying, a Temporary Events Notice will be required, this may take up to six weeks to be applied for and granted. This does not apply if you offering a free bar option to your guests.

The above is just a guideline to ensure that your special day is trouble free. Feb 2006

This article was kindly contributed by Lisa and Gordon Henderson of the mobile bar company
2006 Party Offers

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