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Mobile Coffee Bars For Events

There is little doubt that the British traditional taste for tea has a new suitor...

Long gone are the days that we think of coffee as a rather dubious advert on TV for Nescafe Gold Blend. The “will they won’t they question?” has been superseded by “does that barista making my latte really know what he is doing?!”

We are spoilt nowadays on the high street, a plethora of Coffee Shops vie for our custom – be they huge multinationals or the independent retailer, wherever we turn there is a shiny espresso machine busy spinning milk and making coffee the way it was always intended. We are hooked as a nation, (coffee drinking has increased by 450 % over the last decade), and substandard coffee is just not acceptable at any outdoor event worth its salt.

Mobile coffee vans and bars bring the caffeine to you and they are hailed as saviours by young and old alike.

The uses are limitless, Weddings, Team Building, Sports Events, Parties, Christmas, Fetes, Classic Car Shows, Outdoor Concerts - in fact wherever people want to enjoy a real coffee from a mobile coffee van.

The party planner needs to consider the following before booking a mobile Coffee Bar.

1. Does your caterer meet all current health and safety requirements? Public Liability Insurance, Registered Food Business, Relevant electrical and or gas certificates, and a detailed Food Risk Assessment.

2.How many cups of Coffee can be served in an hour – it is all well and good looking good but can they deliver a minimum of 200 9oz cups an hour?

3.Whom have they worked for in the past with their mobile coffee van, you need to know that your barista can not only make coffee but also look after your clients.

Ask what type of coffee your barista will use and can they grind from bean to cup?

Mobile Coffee Operators should also provide all kinds of teas (for those who are lagging behind the trend) Hot Chocolate is a must for Children and a surprisingly large number of adults alike.

This article was kindly contributed by David Hawes of Coffee Motion