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Opera Singers For Events

Opera Singers For Corporate Events, Parties and Weddings

Opera at your party

Whatís the most passionate, thrilling, exciting & amusing entertainment you can have at your event? Live opera! Imagine, a sultry temptress seducing her man right next to you, a hunky prince declaring his love to the world in song, or a clever servant getting one over on his master. Operaís got the lot; passionate moments, farcical situations and the most ridiculous plots ever dreamed up all set to sublime music.

Opera really can fit into any party scenario, especially where guests can sit back and enjoy a wonderful performance between courses of dinner, or as a dedicated cabaret spot during the evening. You can book a solo opera singer, but youíll always get a better choice of music if you book more. Most companies offering opera at parties or events will bring at least two experienced performers to delight and entertain your guests with live opera.

But which company to choose? Hereís some hints:

* Always look for an opera company with a proven track record and experienced performers: good opera singers can adapt to almost any space and acoustic, and produce a stunning performance every time.

* If your guests are not necessarily all opera lovers, choose a company that offers opera highlights. The best companies will construct a programme especially to suit your audience, not their own egos.

* Some companies perform with backing tapes, but for the best live experience choose a company that has their own pianist or even small orchestra. Think about the space you have too; opera companies with digital pianos can access spaces others cannot reach and sound fantastic in the bargain.

* Ask if the company can perform your favourite opera piece. Youíll soon see who knows their arias from their elbows!

Opera at your wedding

Live music at your wedding service makes a special day almost magical - nothing beats the sound of the human voice souring skyward as you glide down the aisle or sign the register.

For a church wedding, your church may offer the services of its choir and organist to provide the music. Many couples choose to also have a solo singer to perform while they sign the register or to enter or exit the church. Opera singers are a popular choice for weddings as they can sing beautifully in large spaces, and have a repertoire of suitable songs. Any music performed at a church wedding must be suitable for a religious service, and your churchís vicar or priest will want to check your choices of music before the service. An experienced singer will always be happy to advise you on suitable wedding songs.

Of course, singing is not just for the service; it makes great entertainment for the wedding breakfast afterwards too! Professional opera singers often have a good repertoire of lighter music thatís just right for a cabaret style performance in between courses of your meal, or as a dedicated entertainment spot before the speeches.

Civil weddings and civil partnerships offer the chance to have your favourite music sung, from pop to opera and everything in between! The one condition is that any music used must NOT be religious in context, and the registrar will need to check your choice of music before the ceremony. Also remember that venues for civil ceremonies tend to be smaller than churches, so donít book too many voices for a small room! Again, most performers will be happy to quote for staying on and entertaining guests at your reception afterwards.

Open air opera for your party

Itís the ultimate opera loverís dream; beautiful music drifting across a lawn on a summerís evening, accompanied by the gentle fizz of champagne in a glass. This isnít just for the Glyndebourne set; you too can have live opera in your garden! Most people panic that they donít have a big enough space for an opera performance, but it is more a case of having the right space.

You can choose to use a marquee, with a flat dance floor or raised stage for the performance, and the audience seated either at tables or theatre style. However, for those willing to risk the weather, the rewards of an outdoor performance are immense. First, consider how many people you wish to invite, and then how many will actually fit into your space when sitting down. Next, think about the best place for them to sit and watch, and then stand in the potential performance space. Look around you; is the space enclosed by walls or hedges? Is the house behind you or in front? Is the site unprotected and therefore windy? Will a stage or mini marquee fit in this space? Take some photos of the space you are considering.

If all this sounds like hard work, simply ring an opera company with experience in open-air performances and ask for a quote. Some companies will come and do a site visit (for a fee), but many can assess the space simply through your photos and a carefully drawn site plan. Some companies tour with their own staging and lighting, while others will ask you to provide them from local suppliers, which can work out cheaper.

Finally, why not consider combining your party with a fundraising event, and you can raise money for a good cause as well as raising a glass! Cheers!

This article was kindly contributed by Kirsty Young of the opera singers company

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