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A good personal chef will work with you to create a menu that will make your occasion memorable. They will take into account your likes and dislikes, produce currently in season and any allergies that any of your dinner party guests may have.

The meal will usually be prepared freshly and expertly in your own kitchen and many companies also provide additional staff such as waitresses, so that your meal is served professionally.

Many people liken it to having their own personal restaurant. And why not? Why dine out when you can dine in? There is no travelling time, no arguments over who will drink and who will drive, you don't need to book a babysitter. In fact all you have to decide on is a date, time and what you would like to eat!

Enjoy a romantic meal for two (ideal for Proposals, Engagements, Anniversaries or Valentines) or invite your friends and family to join you for a larger celebration, such as a birthday meal or Christmas / New Year Celebration. Personal chef service also works well for events such as hen parties, such as when a holiday cottage has been hired for the weekend. Or just use a personal chef when you fancy a treat, a night off from the cooking and a chance to be pampered.

And pampered you certainly will be! A personal chef should be able to make your occasion bespoke to your needs, adding extras to make it the event that you dreamed of. Use it as a chance to indulge in your favourite meal or as an opportunity to try a dish that you haven't before. The chef should be able to advise you on ingredients and ultimately courses that work well together.

Expect to pay an hourly rate or day charge for the chef, extra for waiting staff and a per head charge for food, depending on your chosen menu and number of courses.

When choosing a personal chef, it is important to build a rapport with them. Ask them about past events they have worked on and menus they have created. What style of food do they offer and does this meet your needs? Let the chef know if you have a theme for your event (food choice can often be used to complement a theme) and if you have a budget in mind. Personal Chef for Everyday

Struggle to come up with meal ideas on an everyday basis? Run out of time during the week and wished you had homemade quality food on offer? Ask your personal chef whether they offer a menu planning, shopping and fridge/freezer fill on a regular basis.

This article was kindly contributed by Joanna Crouch of personal chef company

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