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Poker For Corporate Events

Poker for Corporate Events

Poker has increased massively in the last few years as a leisure activity with Televised Tournaments and online on the internet. Great Britain and London play host to some of the World’s Top poker tournaments with incredible prize money. This popularity has made poker a cutting edge event activity.

Why choose a Poker night as a Corporate Event?

Something new and different to keep guests entertained for a whole night or a good 2-3 hours. It makes an  excellent client event

Interaction – 10 guests can play at each table. They play they talk; it is a great activity for mixing with clients or to enhance staff unity.

Lastly BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR THE WINNER simply cannot be underestimated.

Poker can also be used as a side entertainment on its own or with a fun casino including roulette, blackjack and craps tables for Charity events, Christmas parties and post conferences or meetings. Remember the poker is played purely for fun or as a charity fundraiser.

Companies that have had a Poker night are now running yearly or even bi-yearly Tournaments.

What to look for when booking;

It goes without saying pick a reliable supplier with a proven track record. Get poker specific references from the Companies you have requested quotes from. Remember poker is a specialised event.

For events and parties a large part of the poker experience is playing on a full size Tournament standard table and with the cards dealt to you by an experienced poker dealer.

Check what events the tables have been used for, have they been used in any of the UK’s major Tournaments. It is great to know that you are playing on the same table as the pros. have played on!

Ask the company how they would format the night for you and what different Poker formats they suggest.

No special license is required as you are playing for fun or charity. There are certain dos and don’ts with poker as set out in the Gaming Act 2005.

This article was written by David Gant of Viva Vegas -