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Poker Night For Your Corporate Event

A corporate fun poker or casino event should always be thrilling, fun and well staged, writes Matthew Farr. That much is obvious. Here though, we investigate what you should be looking for in your poker or casino event provider, give you some clues about the questions you should be asking before you sign on the dotted line and, perhaps most importantly, give you an insight into how corporate poker and casino events can help you achieve your business objectives.

You need to stage an event for whatever reason and you’ve heard that poker and casino nights can be fun. They are fun; and the great thing about poker and casino games is that they take literally minutes to learn and everyone can quickly get on with the serious business of having a great time.

So you google ‘corporate poker’ and, sure enough, Google returns 17,000,000 search results. Out of all of those companies, which one can you trust to ensure your event is a success and your objectives are met?

In short, you should be looking for an event provider that can take the brief and run with it, leaving you to get on with the rest of your job. Look at your list of prospective providers again: which ones can do everything you want - without you having to call round a whole range of other suppliers?

To sum up, for your event to go well, you need to pick a reputable event provider with an attitude that’s as brilliant as their gaming equipment. A little research and a couple of phone calls to people in the know can go a long way.

This article was written by Matthew Farr of Poker Vision