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Services Provided By Professional Wedding Toastmasters

There is often a lack of understanding about the role of a Toastmaster at a wedding and many venues try and discourage you from hiring one because they say they include it in there package.

So why would you want the additional expense of hiring an independent professionally trained Toastmaster when someone from your venue is offered as an alternative?

The reasons are many and varied and in this article you will see how much extra help and support a professional Wedding Toastmaster can offer.

So how will you know that the Toastmaster you hire has the training and expertise to help make your wedding that special day you have always dreamed of?

Well there are many Toastmaster training schools such as the UK School of Professional Toastmasters Ltd and all should be affiliated to the Toastmasters General Council.

By being affiliated, your Toastmaster should have public liability insurance which will be a requirement of most venues. They will also most likely be a member of one of a number of Toastmaster Associations. The largest of these is The Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters. With over 70 members this will ensure that, in the event of illness or accident, your Toastmaster will be able to call upon a colleague to cover him and avoid spoiling your special day.

I am sure you will want to know how much a professional Wedding Toastmaster will cost and what level of support you will get. Of course because they are independent they will all charge slightly differently, depending on requirements. They will probably offer different packages, depending on whether they are needed for just the Wedding Breakfast or for the Civil Ceremony and Evening reception, as well. A guide would be somewhere from £300+ which might sound a lot but what will you get with the package?

Your wedding Toastmaster should offer you a combination of the following :

1. 4 weeks before your wedding

a. A face to face meeting to discuss your wedding day, ideally at the reception venue.

b. At the meeting they will go through the whole day to ensure that all your requirements are captured.

c. Provide help and guidance if required, but always remembering that it is your wedding.

d. Following this meeting a written confirmation will be provided of all the details discussed.

2. During the weeks leading up to the wedding

a. Unlimited email/telephone contact, as required, to discuss and agree any changes to requirements or timings.

3. On the Wedding day

a. Your Wedding Toastmaster should arrive at the venue ahead of you and your guest to:
i.  Check the venue is set up as you require.
ii. Ensure that seating plans/place cards etc are as required.
iii. Make sure that the Cake Table, Guest Book Table and Gift Table are set up.
iv. If other suppliers are setting up such as DJ etc, that they are finished before the wedding guests arrive.
v.  Liaise with the venue staff to ensure all timings are as agreed.

b. Receive your guests and help them check in if they are staying at the venue.

c. Direct them to the appropriate rooms and assist them as necessary.

4. When you arrive
a. Assist the photographer, get everyone together for any group shots.

b. If required, organise a receiving line and make necessary introduction.

c. Ensure that all gifts are collected and are shored safely.

5. During the Wedding Breakfast

a. Escort the bride and bridegroom into the room.

b. Say Grace, if required.

c. Introduce speakers and ensure any Thank You gifts are easily to hand.

d. Organise the cutting of the cake.

e. Formally close the proceedings.

Additionally, if required, your Wedding Toastmaster can help organise the throwing of your bouquet, meet and greet your evening guests and organise everyone to receive you both onto the dance floor for your 1st dance.

So, when your venue says that they provide this service, you might want to check how much they are charging and whether their duties match up with what an independent Professional Wedding Toastmaster might offer.

This article was kindly provided by Timothy Lee, Professional Toastmaster