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Some Ideas To Help Make Your Child’s Party Successful.

Children’s parties are great fun, particularly with a little forethought. Below are a number of ideas which might help you to make your child’s party really special!

On the day of the party, why not tie a bunch of balloons to the front door; it guides the guest to the party house, and sets the mood!

As the children arrive, a good idea is to put the presents safely to one side so that they can be opened after the party. This way you will know who brought what, so that ‘thank you’ letters can be sent. This also ensures that nothing gets lost or broken, and of course it means the birthday child has something to look forward to when the party is over.

Fancy Dress
Fancy dress parties can be fun for the older children, but are not always so practical for the younger group. Many of the costumes worn at fancy dress parties are uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. There are always those who cannot see, cannot eat, cannot sit and cannot stand, together with those who have sharp sticks, bows and arrows, knives and plastic bags over their heads!

Squeakers, Blowers and Balloons
If you do decide to have squeakers, blowers and balloons, save them until right at the end of the party for obvious reasons!
Balloons spread across the floor in the room where the entertainment is being provided may look very pretty, but are not a good idea as they tend to over excite the children. Sticky fingers!
To save sticky fingers and food on the floor, please don’t serve ice-cream, sweets or other refreshments during the magic show.

Younger children
Please ensure that any younger children are supervised during the party as it is a shame to spoil a show because toddlers are running around. In a hall, particularly, this can be very disruptive.

If parents and other adults watch the show, please ensure that they sit at the back and behave themselves! Parties can be spoiled by noisy adults in the room. In a hall, where their voices echo, it can be extremely disturbing to the entertainer who is there of course to entertain the children.

If you are using a video camera during the party, please feel free to film the birthday child helping during the feature trick, but kindly do not film the magician. It can be very off-putting to have a video camera ‘aimed’ at us throughout our performance, and of course you don’t want the entertainer on your video you want the birthday child and friends!

Cancellation Terms
In the unlikely event of you having to cancel the party, kindly note the following cancellation fees will apply:

If cancelled with over 60 days notice, there is no cancellation fee.

If the show is cancelled 30-60 days before the date of the engagement, 25% of the total fee will be due.

If the show is cancelled within 30 days of the date of the engagement, the total fee will be due.

If there is a need to cancel the party, please make sure you speak to the entertainer or party entertainment supplier in person.

This article only provides a glimpse at what a wedding planner can do for you.

This article was kindly contributed by Jack Stephens
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