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The Advantages Of Employing A Wedding Planner.

Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with seems to be one of the biggest challenges that life throws at us. But once he is found and conned into proposing to you this challenge seems trivial compared to the new decisions that you will have to undertake while planning the wedding of your dreams.

It seems as if every engaged girl is out to find the perfect dress, the ideal venue, the finest caterer and the best photographer; all while trying not to turn into the Bridezilla their cousin was at her self-planned wedding a few years ago. The question remains; is it possible to pull off the dream wedding (and within budget) while maintaining your sanity? Wedding planners take care of the stress and burdens that are associated with the big day, making it possible for brides to actually enjoy their fantasy wedding.

A wedding planner is the quintessential element to having an enjoyable wedding. But what exactly is a wedding planner, what do they do and what makes them so vital to a successful stress-free wedding?

Wedding planners offer a service. These services include but are not limited to access to their network of approved (and trusted) suppliers, superb organizational skills and the benefits of their experience to help make your vision a reality. There are several parties involved with planning a wedding. Other than the organizers (being the bride, groom, and the wedding planner) you also need a caterer to provide scrumptious dishes, a décor company to create a beautiful environment, a DJ to play the right music to get the crowd on the dance floor, a photographer and videographer to capture the memorable moments of the day, and many more vendors.

If you were to type in 'wedding venue + London' into Google, your search would return over 6,000,000 hits. Even the most excited couple would dread looking up all of these options trying to find the perfect venue as it is a tiresome, tedious and frustrating process. Now imagine having to carry out that process with venues, caterers, décor companies, DJs, photographers, videographers, fashion vendors, makeup artists, florists, musicians, entertainers, marquee companies, staging companies, to name a few. If you chose to go through the listings on your own, by the time you have gone through them all, you may be ready to celebrate your jubilee anniversary!

With a wedding planner, she would narrow down the choices, weeding out all of the vendors that do not fit your criteria. The end result is a shorter, more concise list of options for you to choose from. The wedding planner will also use her past experience with specific companies to make recommendations or to heed warning. All of the choice without the hassle sounds too good to be true, but a wedding planner can make it happen.

Now that you know what wedding planners do, how can they help you? Wedding planners save you time, money and stress. As mentioned, one of the services that a wedding planner provides is access to her network of suppliers. This saves you time because you no longer need to contact the suppliers to get quotes. Did you also know that wedding planners can save you money? Although wedding planners are paid for the service they provide they save you money in the process. Many wedding planners have already negotiated discounts with suppliers that they may use regularly. This does not mean that your wedding planner will push you to go with a specific supplier, it is just an added benefit one supplier may have in comparison to the others. Lastly, and most importantly, wedding planners can save you from STRESS. No more panicking that the photographer will run out of film or worrying that the caterers will serve cold food or that the décor company will set up their display in the wrong corner of the hall. A wedding planner makes sure that not only the planning pre-wedding goes smoothly, but also makes sure that the wedding is executed well on the actual day. Wedding coordination allows your loved ones to enjoy your wedding, rather then run amuck trying to ensure that everything runs according to schedule.

Though wedding planners save you time, money and stress, they cost a lot of money. When you are already spending your savings on your wedding, the word free is a Godsend. You would rather go with the free event coordinator that you get when you hire specific catering companies or venues than pay big bucks for a wedding planner. After all, they do the same thing, right? Wrong. Wedding planners are different from the ‘free’ services that some caterers and venues offer.

Wedding planners offer more variety and choice than the wedding coordinator that is affiliated with the caterer or venue you have chosen to hire. Their wedding coordinator is automatically tied into their business and could be obligated to other suppliers as well. This makes the coordinator’s pitch more sales-oriented rather than service/vision oriented. Wedding planners, though they may have a network of suppliers, are not as sales-oriented as the motivations behind a wedding planner’s actions will always the client’s vision, not commission. Wedding planners also have the benefit of not having mark-ups on the prices they give their clients. They are continually shopping around to ensure that you get the best value for your hard earned pounds.

A wedding planner is the key element to planning the dream wedding that you can actually enjoy, stress-free. A wedding planner provides a service, they can save you time, money and stress and they are different from the free event coordinator that many venues and caterers offer. Not only does a wedding planner provide the services just mentioned, but she also is a creative source, professional, good value for time and money, up to date on the latest trends and themes, and a one stop shop for all of your wedding needs. Planning your own wedding used to mean endless hours of research, loads of running around and becoming stressed on top of the wedding jitters all couples experience. Now, with the growing popularity of wedding planners, it is possible to plan your dream wedding without all of the negative implications. With the help of a wedding planner the wedding of your dreams can become a reality.

This article only provides a glimpse at what a wedding planner can do for you.

This article was kindly contributed by Sheila Chadha of Indian wedding planners The Indian Wedding Company Limited
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