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The Different Types of Caricature Available For Events

 Stephen HearnMore people are discovering the ways that a caricature artist can bring entertainment and fun to their event! Caricatures are something that guests can take away from an event as a wonderful memento but how do you use a caricaturist with everything else that is planned at an event?

Three types of caricature entertainment are available, all of which are suitable for any type of event. It all depends on factors like time, type of venue and other acts that may have been booked, like a magician that can determine which of the three variations will work best. It is always wise when contacting a caricaturist to tell them the idea and plan of your event, to seek their advice on which type of caricature service will best work for you.

Firstly there are on-the-spot walkabout caricatures. This is when the artist will mix and mingle with people, walking around and drawing as they go. The artist will use A4 sized paper for this type of caricature work. The walkabout is very popular with corporate events, such as dinners and company Christmas parties.

Secondly we have easel based caricatures. The artist will sit and use an easel to draw the caricatures and often use A3 sized paper. Guests get a turn to sit for their caricature. The big advantage of this method is that other guests are able to gather around and watch as the caricatures appear before their very eyes! This really is great entertainment and everyone gets an opportunity to partake in the fun!

Thirdly there are digital caricatures. The artist will use a laptop computer with a Wacom tablet to draw the caricatures and then print them off there and then. This feature allows colour to be used easily and the caricatures can be saved as files that can be burned to disc for future reference. One bonus with this digital method is the laptop can be connected to a large plasma screen or projector, enabling guests to see what is going on from a distance!

As a guide, here are the most popular ways of using a caricaturist for:

a) Weddings and Private Parties - Easel based and walkabout are very popular. Lots of guests can be drawn. A caricaturist can work at a wedding between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast or at the evening reception. Parties are usually evenings but picnics and barbeques during the daytime are also very popular!

b) Corporate Events - Any of the three options can be used with digital caricatures being a guaranteed hit at trade shows especially due to their unfailing ability to attract visitors to the stand on which they are taking place! To ensure that the branding of your company and services is maximised through the use of a caricaturist, always ask the caricaturist about having the paper pre-printed to include your logo and tag line.

Prices all depend on the time the artist will be at the event and if there are any expenses to cover so the artist can perform. In the UK today, there are professional caricaturists based all over the country. It should be easy to locate one in your area. Not all artists are the same though and it is worth remembering to check the caricaturist’s website for examples of their work. Some styles of caricatures can flatter while others can shatter, so be sure to check! But whoever you choose, caricatures will give your event super entertainment and lots of fun!

This article was kindly contributed by caricaturist Steve Hearn of
2005 Party Offers

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