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Themed Decorations For Events

Themed event decorators provide an essential service within the UK events industry with their imaginative skills and ability to create stunningly memorable backdrops for all types of event being in great demand by companies organising corporate occasions as well as individuals arranging private parties and events such as family fun days.

The trend in recent years has been for traditional suppliers of themed props such as TV companies to divest themselves of their stock and the enormous consolidation within prop houses in recent years has resulted in the market being dominated by a small number of specialist suppliers such as – in no particular order of importance – Amazing Parties, Keeley Hire and Theme Traders. Most event companies do not carry the vast stocks of props necessary to cater for all types of themed events and tend to use specialist theme decorators for their range of props, experience and imagination.

Corporate events can be transformed by themed decorations which provide a memorably exciting visual entertainment for those in attendance, assisting in etching the corporate brand as a positive experience in the guests’ minds.

Unlike prop hire companies, professional theme decorators provide a whole solution, combining their experience, innovation and imagination in event design with their vast stock of themed props to create a bespoke event theme in accordance with the client’s precise requirements. Theme decorators in the United Kingdom work closely with event organisers, event management agencies and blue chip companies, travelling throughout the country and all over the world to install event theming. Indeed, it is often noted that at any exhibition hall in the world, most of the professionals building the stands will be British on account of their ‘can do’ attitude which sets them aside from theme decorators of other nationalities.

Themed event decoration is a ‘no fail’ job and the professionals are aware that the service they are providing must always be successful and on time.

There are, as one might expect, an abundance of themes that can be provided for an event with the only limits being imposed by the client’s imagination and budget. Popular current themes include Bollywood Parties and Around the World with perennial favourites being Orient Express, Moulin Rouge, Hollywood Nights and Las Vegas Casino Evenings. Event themes will often follow popular current movies with the release of a new James Bond or Harry Potter film being particularly good examples of this trend.

It should be noted that dress code will have an influence on a corporate party theme. Companies wishing to have a theme to their event often go for a more sophisticated approach with James Bond, Las Vegas Casino Evenings and Hollywood themes being ideally appropriate as they combine black tie and party dresses with an appropriate backdrop. Hammer House Of Horrors or Tropical Beach Party themes, on the other hand, would almost certainly be inappropriate for companies wishing to hold an event with a formal dress code.

It is generally true to say that companies requiring themed events tend not to favour themes that are too ‘way out’. This may be because the event organiser is usually removed from the person who is actually paying for the event and may take a cautious approach by choosing the safest option for fear of overspending. Other considerations that can determine an event organiser electing for more traditional themed decoration can be the company culture and the ‘I like it but I’m not sure if the boss will like it’ factor. Younger, possibly more dynamic companies, in industries such as advertising and internet design are more likely to be bolder in their choice of themed decoration with their company culture thriving on new and innovative ideas.

It is common for a corporate event theme to be tailored to facilitate a generic and inoffensive entertainment add-on. For example, a themed event involving guests dressed in formal wear could be complemented with an appearance by Jools Holland which, whilst possibly middle of the road, would be ideal for getting the guests on to the dancefloor. Conversely, a formal event graced by the guest appearance of Ozzy Osbourne would probably fail in having the similar desired effect. Another example of an event theme facilitating complimentary entertainment would be a Moulin Rouge night which could include dancers to raise the level of, possibly predominantly male, interest in the event.

Multinational companies are often drawn to ‘Around The World’ themed events as they emphasise and acknowledge the global nature of their corporate structure. Such a theme can be expanded or contracted to suit the client’s budget and could, for example, provide a buffet event with various types of themed food from different parts of the world being served around the room.

The budget for themed decoration at an event is limitless and can depend on factors such as the compatibility of the venue, the type of themed decoration required as well as the cost of hiring the venue and the complimentary entertainment that is to be provided. For example, a Masked Ball themed event would be easier to arrange at a venue such as The Dorchester where the venue’s architectural ambience would lend itself to such an occasion whereas an Around The World themed event at a similar venue would present a greater challenge to a themed event decorator due to the work that would be involved in theming the venue to accommodate such a theme. If entertainment is to be provided in keeping with the theme, the costs can vary enormously with a disco costing £600 whilst a celebrity performer’s performance fee can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Generally speaking, the typical cost for the actual themed decorations at a corporate event is around £10,000 with more extravagant events running up to £250,000 and far beyond.

This article was written by Jon Stebbings of the Partyoffers events directory

The author wishes to thank Steve Hayward of themed party planners Amazing Party Themes for his invaluable help in the research of this article.
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