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Tips For Organising A Staff Christmas Party

If it’s your job to organise the staff Christmas party, you might be wondering where to start. Being in charge of your work’s social event of the year can seem a bit daunting but trust us, putting together an unforgettable Christmas Party is definitely a way into the good books and to get you noticed.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science and by doing a little simple planning in plenty of time, you can put together a memorable festive bash without having a nervous breakdown! Here are a few simple hints and tips to help you organise your staff Christmas party.

Leave plenty of time
Leaving the planning of the Christmas party to the last minute, will only give you a headache, and you might find yourself forced to do something less than perfect because all of the great party ideas and venues have been taken and booked up. It’s never too early to start thinking about the Office Christmas Party and many venues and companies will happily take bookings as early as August. So start thinking
about your festive celebration early and you won’t be running round like a headless...turkey trying to get everything done come December!

Know your budget!
Before you pick up the phone to order the lobster, champagne waterfall and life size ice sculpture of the boss, take some time to sit and think about who is paying for the Christmas party, and what exactly the budget is. Talk to your boss to find out if the company will be paying for the whole party or if employees might be expected to supplement the cost per person. If so, make sure everyone knows how much they are expected to pay and when that money is needed by. Once you have your budget you’ll be able to decide what sort of package, venue and entertainment you can afford to book.

Location Location Location
Spend some time thinking about where the best place is to have your Christmas party. Is it easy to get to, or will you need to arrange transport? You might have an idea for an amazing party, but if no one can get there and back easily then people won’t be able to come!

Get input from your colleagues - but make a decision
Remember, it’s not your Christmas party, it’s for all the company to enjoy, so make sure you do spend a little time asking people’s opinions. You might find some great inspiring ideas that you hadn’t previously considered and you are more likely to choose something most people can enjoy if you talk to them first. Remember though, that you have been asked to organise the event so be prepared to make a decision rather than umm and ahh about what everyone wants to do. If this is too difficult you might want to present the three most popular options to your boss and have him or her decide, or post them to the company and have people vote for their favourite one!

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