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 Tony Forward A traditional part of the banqueting scene in Britain, the professional toastmaster’s presence adds professionalism and style to all occasions; the familiar red coat adding colour to the event. Their knowledge will guarantee that all will run smoothly and satisfy your highest expectations, regardless of the formality of the function.

There are many organisations of toastmasters and it is important that your toastmaster is a member of one of them. This ensures that he or she has studied to the standards set by that organisation and that there is a person to deal with any complaints should anything go wrong. Ask the toastmaster before you book him what organisation they belong to and what level of membership they have reached. Feel free to request references. If they are a first class professional toastmaster, they will proud to supply you with these.

The toastmaster's role is to manage the event, ensuring that it runs in precisely the manner the client wishes. Indeed, a professional toastmaster may be considered to be the ultimate stage manager. Having been briefed in advance by the client, the toastmaster will take responsibility on the day for running the event, leaving the host and hostess, or function organiser, able to relax & enjoy the event every bit as much as their guests.

Toastmasters are available in the UK and further a field for all functions including Annual Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Bar mitzvahs, Charity Balls, City & Livery Dinners, Rotary & Round Table, Civic Events, Company Promotions, Product Launches, Conferences & Seminars, Diplomatic Functions, Masonic Festivals, Receptions, Royal Occasions, Parliamentary Occasions and Wedding Receptions.

Never too early to book a toastmaster's services for a wedding reception, a friendly red-coated toastmaster can be depended upon to make your big day unique. It means the Bride, Bridegroom, their parents and, not least of all, the Best Man, are released from worrying about "who does what?" & "what happens next?", enabling them all able to relax and enjoy the occasion, stress free, in the knowledge that things are in a capable professional's hands.

You may not have - up to now - considered employing the services of a professional toastmaster at your wedding reception. You may have felt a formally dressed Master of Ceremonies' presence to be ‘over the top’. These worries would be unfounded as the modern day toastmaster will adapt to any situation; being capable of being either formal or informal depending on what the situation dictates. Although this may be your first experience of arranging a wedding reception, your toastmaster will have vast experience and knowledge, which he or she will place at your disposal from the time you confirm your booking. A toastmaster is of incalculable value to the venue banqueting staff, enabling them to focus on their primary function of serving the food and wine. The toastmaster will also liaise with all the other professionals such as the videographer, photographer and musicians, ensuring that they are completely aware of the day's requirements. A wedding is your special day and the toastmaster can be relied upon to ensure it is one to remember.

This article was kindly contributed by Toastmaster Tony Forward
2005 Party Offers