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Trends In The Events Industry

Are you a slave to event fashion?

In the events industry, trends are ever-changing - whether it's large-scale corporate parties or weddings, there is always something new and fashionable to make that event extra-special and Summer 2007 looks set to be no exception!

The biggest seller of 2006 was without a doubt the beloved Chocolate Fountain...perfect in adding a bit of sinful decadence to any style and scale party. Due to the overwhelming success and popularity of the fountains, there is an ever expanding list of options available from the original milk or plain chocolate to the liqueur chocolate fountains adding an tantalising hint of liqueurs such as Cointreau, Amaretto or even the slightly bizarre new Cheese Fountain with crackers and crudités for those who fancy the 00’s updated version of the classic 70’s fondue!

Many people are opting for mini chocolate fountains instead of expensive table centrepieces. Not only do these quirky fountains save you serving desert but they also act as a great ice-breaker which is perfect for weddings or corporate events where people might not know each other.

With weddings in mind the current trend seems to be for something a bit different to keep guests entertained in the gaps between ceremony/meal and meal/dancing. Many couples are opting for some light relief in the form of casino tables or giant games such as connect four and table football - an excellent way to relieve the tensions of the day and gets guests to mingle with one another.

Themes are still very much in demand - an essential ingredient in tying together the various aspects of an event from food to flowers to entertainment making the event much more cohesive and well thought-out. A whole selection of artists such as jugglers, stilt walkers, statues and magicians can look eclectic and interesting at best but at worst can seem meaningless and out of place - you don’t want to risk the chance of your guests thinking WHY is that there?

Theming can include a wide spectrum of ideas based around companies ethos, branding or colours as well as generic seasonal themes, eras or culture. Trends in theming for 2007 are sure to be as varied as ever but watch out for ice inspired themes (following the expanding fashion for Ice Bars) and Best of British as the Events industry tries to entice foreign companies back to London after the tourism slump caused by terrorist attacks in 2005.

Surprisingly, entertainment trends for 2007 look set to include a return to the after dinner cabarets of by-gone years - more and more events seem to have a male majority making it difficult to suggest a party band or DJ for after dinner dancing. Quality tribute acts of iconic performers such as Elvis, Elton John and Shirley Bassey or a trip down memory lane with a West End and Broadway Musicals are to date the most popular shows on the circuit.

One of the biggest trends looking set to sweep top-end events this year are interactive floors. Seen at the end of last year in society parties and celebrity bashes such as the wedding of Elton John and David Furnish, areas of floors and especially dance floors projected with moving images create a real ‘Wow’ factor guaranteed to be a talking point with your guests.

Guests can feel like they are walking through water sending fish scurrying in different directions or walking on a carpet of leaves which, when disturbed, reveals grass or a logo etc underneath.

Interactive floors can also be designed exclusively for the event and can include any theme or design in a number of different movement formats - but be warned, they don’t come cheap!

Top tip for Summer 2007: Dust off your skates and get practising as roller disco hits town!

This article was kindly contributed by Abi Gilchrist, Creative Director of Staar Productions Limited
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