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Wedding Stages For Asian Weddings

Inspirational, creative and beautiful, wedding stages and mandaps are becoming increasingly important focal points of weddings.

The mandap or wedding stage is a place where you and your partner will make an eternal promise to one another and, during your wedding day, the wedding stage or mandap holds great significance as a holy place. The wedding stage is a hub of activity throughout the wedding; religious sacraments and objects will hold pride of place here and most importantly it is where the couple exchange their holy vows.

The importance of the wedding stage has a life-long tradition amongst Asian weddings; whether Hindu, Sikh, Pakistani or Punjabi, wedding stages provide a central point for your guests to view the ceremony as it unfolds.

The wedding stage will also be the backdrop for many of the most important photos taken during the course of the day so having a stage that provides you with a beautiful and imaginative setting means your images will be as vibrant and vivacious as your wedding day.

Traditionally, wedding stages may have seemed a little reserved in their design but the increasing demand for innovative and original wedding settings has meant that this ceremonious place has been revamped and glorified with awe-inspiring décor and magnificent accessories.

Modern wedding stages involve a wide range of decorative and ornamental possibilities, with variety and creativity being central to any decoration service provider. Gorgeous materials and textures can make drapes, fringing and upholstery have a lavish appeal and the use of colour will set off any wedding stage. Plush snow-white drapes, pearls, silver, glowing crimson and deep golden textures are just a few of the colourful themes wedding stages can host.

Even the more traditional approach of a Rajistani themed wedding stage can be presented in the most beautiful materials with red and gold being the main colours of decoration. Flower arrangement will also take on an important role for a more traditionally themed wedding stage; with the aim to please sensually and visually the use of floral decorations has never been more creative.

Wedding stages now come in various shapes and forms, and can be scaled up to what ever size your wedding needs. With floral decorations, elaborate pillars, statuesque columns and decorated domes on offer, a wedding stage is your opportunity to show the grandeur and importance of your wedding day. By considering lighting, colour and texture the beauty of wedding stages has never been more appealing.

Exquisite detailing, and the finest quality materials all go into the craftsmanship behind wedding stages and the variety available will ensure your wedding stage or mandap will be unique to your wedding day.

This article was kindly contributed by Asian wedding stagers Jade Patel of Maz Of Leicester
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