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Amazing Norvil & Josephine

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Amazing Norvil & Josephine,,Nationwide

This after dinner cabaret is a fresh and lighthearted cocktail of magic, singing and acrobatics ... The beautifully staged act features a fresh and lighthearted cocktail of magic, singing and acrobatics as Magic Circle magician and singer Christopher Howell joins forces with acrobat and dancer Desireé Kongerød.

Much more than just magic, also featured in this show are tremendous feats of skill by Desireé as she performs her comical contortions or aerial acrobatics while being serenaded by Christopher's striking baritone singing voice.

The impossible magic they perform include a woman being sawn in two, a table being made to float above the stage and, as a finale the two performers -- in spite of impossible chains, locks and confinement -- change places in mere seconds.

Christopher and Desireé perform regularly around the world in numerous productions and as solo performers in magic, singing, acrobatics and dance.

The act has been presented to great acclaim for audiences of thousands and recent UK public appearances include shows at the Hackney Empire and Leeds City Varieties Theatre as well as for major corporates throughout the UK.

It's truly a magical and entertaining performance unlike any other. Ring 020-7993-4544 to see the DEMO VIDEO. "A beautifully paced and spellbinding act." - The Stage "The sawn in half sidekick gets her own back!" - Time Out

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Amazing Norvil & Josephine,,Nationwide