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Funkstylerz - UK

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23, The Clock Tower
King's Road
GU21 5HU

Funkstylerz - UK,23, The Clock Tower,King's Road,Woking,Surrey,GU21 5HU

Each individual has been selected through their skill, reputation and professionalism and, together as a team, create an incredible performing show group.

The dance styles that they specialize in include bboying (breakdancing), popping, locking, robot, house, freestyle, old school hip hop, new school and acrobatics.

Together and individually, Funkstylerz have performed worldwide with numerous artists and companies, never failing to create & amaze audiences with versatile yet explosive performances.

Funkstylerz offer a variety of services  and have experience in all fields of the entertainment industry. They have incredible crowd pulling shows that provide a cutting edge and innovative solution to the rapidly growing need for versatile performance with high impact.

Past performances have included exhibition battles, choreographed productions and freestyle shows. The Funkstylerz UK shows are very flexible and can be performed on stage but also on any suitable floor both indoor and outdoor. This allows for many requirements for a large variety of events and event themes to be met.

Funkstylerz also offer workshops and masterclasses (in all of the streetdance styles) for dancers of all levels and can tailor a workshop to suit any situation.

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Funkstylerz - UK,23, The Clock Tower,King's Road,Woking,Surrey,GU21 5HU