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Gogoblin: Secure Online Wish Lists for Children and Teenagers

• Do the children’s unwanted Christmas and birthday presents still lie at the back of cupboards?

• Do you struggle to find the right birthday present for your child to take to a party?

• Isn’t it easier to say “Thank you. It’s just what I wanted!” when it is true?

• Would you like to feel that someone in the third world will benefit every time you purchase a child’s present online?

With Gogoblin you or your child can build wish lists for every occasion. Install the gogoblin button on your browser and you can add items to your wish list from any online shop anywhere on the web. When Christmas or a birthday comes around simply use gogoblin’s “tell a friend” email function or print off your list details to attach to a party invitation. The next you’ll know is that other parents are thanking you for making their job so easy and your child is thanking everyone because they got it right!

Gogoblin supports WorldVision, a global aid and development organisation which places a special emphasis on meeting the needs and rights of children, because they are often the hardest hit by conflict, disaster and chronic poverty.

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